SmartShelf and Aetnastak Metal Storage Shelving

Product Overview

Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

Designed to be the most adaptable high-density metal storage shelving system in the industry, SmartShelf™ optimizes space capacity to enable configuration based on the environment in which objects will be stored, the frequency of their access, and their shapes and weights.

SmartShelf stores objects of various heights, from small hardware items, books and supplies to clothing, athletic gear and military equipment.

Applications are virtually endless, and can include banks, offices, medical and veterinary clinics, retail stores, automobile and recreational dealerships, schools, libraries, athletic equipment rooms, performing arts and music departments, warehouses distribution centers, government agencies, hospitals, factories, military bases, archives, laboratories, golf and ski resorts, museums and residences.

SmartShelf can be configured as a full-depth system to allow large object storage, or as a back-to-back system for storage of smaller objects. The system can also be configured for combination full-depth and back-to-back shelving.


SmartShelf is fully customizable to meet a variety of storage requirements. More than 35 components and accessories are available, including:

  • Roll-out drawers for hanging folders
  • Privacy drawers
  • Garment rods
  • Rolling shutter doors
  • Pull-out box shelves

Available in 39 3/8" (1000 mm) wide sections, shelves are made of 20- or 18-gauge steel according to size, and are adjustable in 1" (25.4 mm) increments with hooks and in 1 1/2” (38.1 mm) increments with supports. Both hooks and supports can be used together in the same section. Integrated levelers on fixed unit posts allow 3/4" (19.5 mm) adjustment to accommodate uneven floor surfaces.

Full-depth double-side shelves can be easily added or removed without disturbing the shelves or their contents above or below.

Features, Benefits:

  • Can be configured for mobile or stationary use
  • Offered in thicknesses of 3/4" (19.5 mm) and 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Available with optional shelf supports and reinforcements
  • Metal edges on each shelf are roll-formed into four folds to prevent injury, protect stored objects and improve sturdiness
  • User-friendly, tool-free installation allows easy reconfiguration to adapt to changing space and storage requirements
  • ,
  • No exposed holes or fasteners on the front of the upright posts allow for a smooth, finished appearance
  • Exceeds industry standards

Aetnastak™ is a cantilever-type metal library shelving system that adapts to all types of media, including books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Available fixed or on mobile carriages, shelving sections can be reconfigured, lengthened, shortened, relocated or joined to existing units easily and without adding extra parts.

Shelves support 50 lb/lineal ft (244 kg/m2) and are of welded frame construction that meets seismic requirements. Radial edge brackets protect books from damage when re-shelving, and closed uprights protect books and media while safely and discreetly concealing electrical wiring.

Systems are offered in a diverse assortment of display types, including:

  • Closed base - Single-faced and double-faced
  • Divider type - Single-faced and double-faced
  • Fixed and hinged periodical display and storage units
  • Sloped display
  • Magazine display and storage unit
  • Contemporary T-base units

End panels are supplied standard in textured steel; wood veneer, plastic laminated melamine and standard steel also available.

Aetnastak is available with a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Card holders
  • Canopy signage
  • Overhead aisle lighting
  • Wire, sliding wire and findable book supports
  • Brackets
  • Wall and floor anchor angles
  • Range finders
  • Book trucks

Features, Benefits:

  • Wide assortment of standard and optional shelf types, styles and sizes from which to choose
  • Shelving stacks can be easily modified from double-faced to single-faced and vice versa
  • Metal edges on each shelf are roll-formed into four folds to prevent injury, protect stored media and improve sturdiness
  • Threaded levellers are adjustable to ensure stability on uneven floors
  • Vertically adjusting kick strips are recessed under the bottom shelf to provide toe space
  • Powder coat finish is offered in standard or custom colors
  • Meets and exceeds Uniform Building Code (UBC) requirements for seismic zones, and Library Technology Report approved requirements

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