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Teqton offers individualized solutions to industrial flooring needs with their roller-compacted concrete (RCC) base course and polymer-modified concrete topping systems. Teqton brings over 30 years of experience in demanding European industrial settings to the US market.

    Teqton concrete industrial floor systems offer:
  • Rapid installation
  • High durability
  • High tolerance
  • High load capacity
  • Joint free
  • Low maintenance
  • High sustainable design characteristics

Each Teqton floor system installation is engineered to meet the facility owner’s performance requirements and site conditions. A range of compressive and flexural performance and floor flatness conditions are available. The Teqton system is ideally suited to the fast-track methods typical of industrial and storage construction projects.

Teqton is a two layer system usually includes Teqbase—the base coat and Teqplan—the wear layer.

Teqbase—The Base Course

Teqton's Teqbase is the RCC base course of a joint-less engineered concrete floor system allowing rapid installation and early use as an installation platform for interior construction operations. Teqbase, a durable concrete slab material that carries heavy loads soon after installation, offers fast, economical construction method for heavy-duty parking, storage, material handling, and industrial facilities.

Teqbase is a stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture with the consistency of damp gravel comprised of local aggregates or crushed recycled concrete, plus Portland cement, proprietary admixtures, and water. The mixture is placed and roller compacted with specially-designed equipment. The process requires no forms, finishing, surface texturing, or joint sawing and sealing.

Because of its low water-cement ratio, Teqbase has compressive strengths similar to, or even greater than, conventional concrete. Its high-strength properties combined with ease of construction and high rate of on-site production often make Teqbase more economical than conventionally-placed concrete applications.

Teqplan—The Wear Layer

Teqton’s Teqplan is the wear course for Teqton’s industrial floor system. Like the Teqbase RCC base course underneath it, Teqplan is a flexible, joint-free application. Teqplan can be installed days prior to occupancy, allowing contractors to provide a highly durable, dust-free finished floor free of joints, in like-new condition free of blemishes ordinarily caused by construction operations.

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