Acoustic Ceilings from Armstrong

Product Overview


Product Overview

Sound control is vital in business, education, healthcare and similar settings in order to help improve productivity and protect speech privacy. Therefore, the choice of building materials is important when designing a space to meet specific acoustical requirements. Armstrong® World Industries manufactures a wide variety of acoustical ceiling products that absorb sound and excess noise in both open and closed plan spaces.

Product Description

As sound energy strikes a surface, it is reflected, transmitted or absorbed, depending on surface properties. The installation of acoustical ceilings can deaden reverberating noise and help block sound transmission to other areas.

Armstrong offers a variety of acoustic ceiling product lines to reduce noise transmission within office, education, healthcare, hospitality/retail and transportation facilities. Designed for use in suspended ceilings, tile ceilings, panel and plank ceilings, Armstrong acoustic ceiling products are available in high performance fiberglass for open plan designs, and in high performance mineral fiber for closed plan designs. Microperforated steel panels are also available and are ideal for linear systems, canopies and clouds. For memorable visual impact, the use of special curved grid systems enables the creation of innovative suspended hills, valleys, vaults and sweeping waves.

Offered in an assortment of sizes, styles, textures, patterns, border treatments and colors according to product, Acoustic Ceilings from Armstrong can be used not only to control noise, but also to define and accentuate spaces and create environments that range from the serene to the dramatic. Armstrong product lines are available to meet virtually any budget.


  • Textures - Available in fine, smooth, medium and coarse textures, according to product
  • Pattern types - Offered in nondirectional, scored, paneled, themed carved visuals, scored geometric, dimensional sculptured visuals, vinyl faced, etched, variable and monolithic plank patterns, according to product
  • Borders - Available in classic and contemporary angled, beveled, beaded, chamfered, square, vector and shiplap designs, depending on product
  • Colors - Most tile/panel ceilings are offered in white, with other products offered in a variety of standard and custom colors. Fabric coverings are also available, and an assortment of wood finishes is offered with some steel products


  • Durability features include scratch resistance, soil resistance, washability, scrubability and/or impact resistance, according to product
  • Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) range from 0.55 - 1.00, according to product
  • Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) ratings range from 26 - 40, according to product
  • Articulation Class (AC) ratings range from 180 - 190, according to product
  • Light reflectance ratings range from 0.61 - 0.90, according to product


Specific applications suitable for acoustic ceiling installation include:

  • Office - Administrative offices, computer rooms, conference rooms, lobbies and reception areas
  • Education - Auditoriums, classrooms, hallways and music/band rooms
  • Healthcare - Clean rooms, emergency rooms, gymnasiums, health club, indoor pool areas, laboratories, locker rooms, MRI rooms, patient rooms, restrooms, lobbies and hallways
  • Hospitality/Retail - Libraries, restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, bars and theaters
  • Miscellaneous - Corridors, exterior soffits, kitchens and utility rooms
  • Transportation - Airports, bus stations, indoor parking garages and train stations

Features, Advantages

  • General application, special performance, accent and custom products are available
  • Most products include a 30 year guarantee against mold, mildew and bacterial and/or visible sag
  • Fire resistive or Class A fire resistance according to product
  • Low or no added VOC formaldehyde
  • Many products contribute points toward LEED® project certification
  • Recycled content; recyclable through the Armstrong ceiling recycling program

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

2x2 School Zone Fine Fissured 1713 Armstrong 2x2 Random Fissured 2909 Armstrong
2x2 Random Fissured 2908 Armstrong 2x2 Pebble 2988 Armstrong
2x2 Painted Nubby Open Plan 3201 Armstrong 2x2 Painted Nubby Open Plan 3200 Armstrong
2x2 Painted Nubby Open Plan 3102 Armstrong 2x2 Optima 3355 Armstrong
2x2 Optima 3254 Armstrong 2x2 Optima 3251 Armstrong
2x2 Optima 3250 Armstrong 2x2 Optima 3150 Armstrong
2x2 Natural Fissured 536 Armstrong 2x2 Natural Fissured 507 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9420U6A1 Armstrong3 2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9420U6A1 Armstrong2
2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9420U6A1 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9418U6A1 Armstrong3
2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9418U6A1 Armstrong2 2x2 MetalWorks Vector for Exterior Applications 9418U6A1 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9685U6A2 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9683U6A1 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9682U6A2 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9680U6A1 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9444U6A2 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9442U6A1 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9420U6A2 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9418U6A1 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9324U6A2 Armstrong2 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 9324U6A2 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 4704U6A2 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 4702U6A2 Armstrong
2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 4700U6A1 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 2118U6A2 Armstrong
2x2 Mesa 687 Armstrong 2x2 Mesa 686 Armstrong
2x2 Mesa 682 Armstrong 2x2 Mesa 681 Armstrong
2x2 Mesa 680 Armstrong 2x2 Georgian 796 Armstrong
2x2 Georgian 794 Armstrong 2x2 Georgian 764 Armstrong2
2x2 Georgian 764 Armstrong 2x2 Georgian 1752 Armstrong
2x2 Georgian 1750 Armstrong 2x2 Fissured 756 Armstrong
2x2 Fissured 705 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured Open Plan 1758 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured Open Plan 1756 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured Open Plan 1754 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured Cermaguard 607 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured 1831 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured 1829 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured 1828 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured 1821 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured 1820 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured 1810 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured 1734 Armstrong
2x2 Fine Fissured 1732 Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured 1728 Armstrong
2x2 Dune 1853 Armstrong 2x2 Dune 1852 Armstrong
2x2 Dune 1850 Armstrong 2x2 Dune 1775 Armstrong
2x2 Dune 1774 Armstrong 2x2 Dune 1772 Armstrong
2x2 Cortega 824 Armstrong 2x2 Cortega 704 Armstrong
2x2 Cortega 2195 Armstrong 2x2 Clean Room Mylar 1720 Armstrong
2x2 Clean Room Mylar 1715 Armstrong 2x2 Cirrus Open Plan 563 Armstrong
2x2 Cirrus Open Plan 558 Armstrong 2x2 Cirrus Open Plan 556 Armstrong
2x2 Cirrus 574 Armstrong 2x2 Cirrus 533 Armstrong5
2x2 Cirrus 533 Armstrong4 2x2 Cirrus 533 Armstrong3
2x2 Cirrus 533 Armstrong2 2x2 Cirrus 533 Armstrong
2x2 Armatuff 861 Armstrong 2x2 School Zone Fine Fissured 465 Armstrong
2x2 Shasta 2904 Armstrong 2x2 Shasta 2905 Armstrong
2x2 Stratus 530 Armstrong 2x2 Stratus 531 Armstrong
2x2 Tundra 301 Armstrong 2x2 Tundra 303 Armstrong
2x2 Tundra 304 Armstrong 2x2 Tundra 839 Armstrong
2x2 Ultima 1910 Armstrong 2x2 Ultima 1911HRC Armstrong
2x2 Ultima 1911 Armstrong 2x2 Ultima 1912HRC Armstrong
2x2 Ultima 1912 Armstrong 2x2 Ultima 1920 Armstrong
2x2 Ultima 1941 Armstrong 2x2 Ultima 1945 Armstrong
2x2 VL 869 Armstrong 2x4 Armatuff 860 Armstrong
2x4 Cirrus 533HRC Armstrong 2x4 Cirrus 533 Armstrong
2x4 Cirrus 535HRC Armstrong 2x4 Cirrus 581 Armstrong
2x4 Cirrus Open Plan 551 Armstrong 2x4 Cirrus Open Plan 565 Armstrong
2x4 Cirrus Open Plan 568 Armstrong 2x4 Clean Room Mylar 1716 Armstrong
2x4 Clean Room Mylar 1721 Armstrong 2x4 Clean Room VL870 Armstrong
2x4 Cortega 703 Armstrong 2x4 Dune 1773 Armstrong
2x4 Dune 1773 Armstrong2 2x4 Dune 1776 Armstrong
2x4 Dune 1851 Armstrong 2x4 Fine Fissured 1729 Armstrong
2x4 Fine Fissured 1733 Armstrong 2x4 Fine Fissured 1811 Armstrong
2x4 Fine Fissured 1824 Armstrong 2x4 Fine Fissured Cermaguard 605 Armstrong
2x4 Fine Fissured Cermaguard 608 Armstrong 2x4 Fine Fissure Open Plan 1755 Armstrong
2x4 Fine Fissure Open Plan 1757 Armstrong 2x4 Fine Fissure Open Plan 1759 Armstrong
2x4 Fissured 755 Armstrong 2x4 Fissured 895 Armstrong
2x4 Georgian 1753 Armstrong 2x4 Georgian 763 Armstrong
2x4 Georgian 793 Armstrong 2x4 Georgian 795 Armstrong
2x4 Georgian 828 Armstrong 2x4 Georgian 898 Armstrong
2x4 Mesa 683 Armstrong 2x4 Mesa 684 Armstrong
2x4 Mesa 685 Armstrong 2x4 Optima 3151 Armstrong
2x4 Optima 3252 Armstrong 2x4 Optima 3257 Armstrong
2x4 Optima 3908 Armstrong 2x4 Optima Capz 3934 Armstrong
2x4 Painted Nubby Open Plan 3101 Armstrong 2x4 Painted Nubby Open Plan 3103 Armstrong
2x4 Pebble 2968 Armstrong 2x4 Pebble 2983 Armstrong
2x4 Pebble 2989 Armstrong 2x4 Random Fissured 2910 Armstrong
2x4 Random Fissured 2911 Armstrong 2x4 School Zone Fine Fissured 1714 Armstrong
2x4 School Zone Fine Fissured 466 Armstrong 2x4 Shasta 2906 Armstrong
2x4 Shasta 2907 Armstrong 2x4 Tundra 302 Armstrong
2x4 Tundra 305 Armstrong 2x4 Tundra 840 Armstrong
2x4 Ultima 1913 Armstrong 2x4 Ultima 1914HRC Armstrong
2x4 Ultima 1914 Armstrong 2x4 Ultima 1915HRC Armstrong
2x4 Ultima 1915 Armstrong 2x4 Ultima 1942 Armstrong
2x4 Ultima 1944 Armstrong 2x4 VL 871 Armstrong
2x2 Clean Room VL 868 Armstrong 2x2 MetalWorks Tegular 2184U6A2 Armstrong
2x2 Optima 3900 Armstrong 2x2 Optima 3901 Armstrong
2x2 Georgian 1753 Armstrong 2x2 Ultima 1942 Armstrong
2x4 Dune 1777 Armstrong

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