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Product Overview

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Guardian Industries offers Guardian SunGuard® Advanced Architectural Glass and Guardian Neutral 70™ in a range of coatings, colors and design solutions to maximize the use of interior and exterior light, while meeting complex energy and performance requirements. Produced in locations throughout the United States and distributed through a network of fabricators, Guardian Architectural Glass products provide a selection of heat, light and insulation properties.


SuperNeutral® Series
The SuperNeutral Series of Low-E coated glass delivers natural light with neutral color and solar performance.

  • SuperNeutral 68 - Very neutral appearance with exceptional light transmission
  • SuperNeutral 62 - High light transmission and aggressive solar heat gain with a neutral appearance
  • SuperNeutral 54 - Neutral appearance with exceptional solar-energy control to balance natural daylight, glare control and energy savings
  • SuperNeutral on UltraWhite™ Low-Iron Glass and CrystalGray® - SuperNeutral 68, SuperNeutral 62 and SuperNeutral 54 are available with Guardian’s UltraWhite in both laminated or standard insulating glass units. SuperNeutral products are also available on CrystalGray for lower reflectance, reduced glare and improved solar control
  • Learn more about SunGuard SuperNeutral

High Performance Series
SunGuard High Performance Series glass offers medium to high visible light transmission and moderate reflectivity, with a maximum energy savings that meets or exceeds energy code requirements. This series is available with a selection of seven low-emissivity coatings on clear and green substrates; AG Series and Royal Blue 40 are available with CrystalGray.

Solar Series
SunGuard Solar Series offers two high-performance, solar-reflective coated glass products that specialize in blocking heat. Both deliver energy efficiency that meets or exceeds energy code requirements.

Guardian Neutral 70 has a durable, easy-to-process and fabricator-friendly low-E coating that delivers energy efficiency in neutral colors. Suited for light commercial and residential applications, this extremely versatile product has the optical clarity and energy performance traditionally associated with sputtered coatings, with handling and fabrication characteristics comparable to pyrolytic coatings. Its features include:

  • Single-product solution available in non-edge deleted form for annealed, heat-treated, bent and laminated applications, and second or third surface IG applications
  • Neutral color
  • Low haze
  • Low reflectance
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Performs comparably to pyrolytic low-E with respect to tempering throughput and temperature profile
  • Lasts longer than split-silver low-E and performs comparably to pyrolytic low-E in high temperature, high humidity and thermal cycling tests
  • Learn more about Neutral 70

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