Architectural Metal Wall Panel and Column Cladding Systems from C. R. Laurence

Product Overview


Product Overview

C.R. Laurence Co., Inc., (CRL) Architectural Wall Panel and Column Cladding Systems create a distinctive image in futuristic designs.

Product Description, Applications
Fabricated using aluminum composite, metal composite or solid metal materials, C.R. Laurence Co., Inc., (CRL) Architectural Wall Panel and Column Cladding Systems are extremely strong and offer the rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight material. This results in superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance.

Wall Panel Cladding Systems are available in 4 styles — 3 wet seal systems and 1 dry seal system. Each style is designed with different product features to accommodate a variety of project requirements.

Column Cladding Systems are offered in round, square and elliptical styles and can be fabricated in 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations to best suit the installation. Columns can be fabricated in standard sizes to 156" (4.0 m) in length. Longer columns require intermediate seams.

Interior and exterior Architectural Wall Panel and Column Cladding Systems are available for a wide variety of both new and retrofit applications, including office buildings, sports venues, theaters, healthcare facilities, retail chains, restaurants and auto dealerships.

Features, Advantages

  • Fabricated of incredibly strong, lightweight material
  • Requires less complex substructuring
  • Can be curved and bent into complex shapes
  • Available with up to 4 different mounting options
  • Offered in a variety of vibrant, longest lasting standard or custom colors
  • Ideal for exterior canopies, entryways, soffits, fascia bands, building cladding, modular building exteriors, column covers and signage

Capabilities, Services
The C.R. Laurence Architectural Metals Technical Sales Department offers assistance with design criteria and product selection. An in-house dedicated Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Department is available to assist with drawings and submittals, as well as with custom designs.

Everyone at C.R. Laurence is dedicated to providing superior customer service, along with products and resources to keep customers on the cutting edge of technology. C.R. Laurence manufacturing is ISO 9000 and QS9000 certified.

For more information, see the CRL AM09 Architectural and Ornamental Metals Catalog.

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