Audio-Visual Equipment from Draper Inc.


Product Overview

Draper manufactures a wide variety of audio visual equipment, including front projection screens, rear projection screens, home theatre screens, projector lifts and flatscreen mounts.

Product Description, Applications

Draper offers front projection screens to satisfy any requirement. Types include electric, manual, portable and fixed screens. Each screen is manually inspected for quality and accuracy before it leaves the factory.

  • Motorized Screens - Available in wall mounted or ceiling recessed models; each type can be tab tensioned, which provides sufficient flatness for better picture quality, or non-tensioned, which hangs free but still provides stability
  • Manual Screens - Manual, crank operation; cost-effective; also available with optional tab-tensioned or non-tensioned systems
  • Fixed Screens - Provide contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required
  • Portable Screens - Models offered in folding, tripod, and pull-up styles; ideal for quick set-up and travel

Draper provides six unique rigid rear projection screen technologies:

  • IRUS - An Infinite Resolution Uniformity Screen developed especially for high resolution single lens projectors
  • Cinescreen® - A line of diffusion screens available with a transparent substrate of plate glass(Cineglass®) or clear acrylic (Cineplex®) with a permanently bonded optical coating
  • DiamondScreen™ - Projects a brilliant rear screen image and is specifically developed for video and data projection
  • High Contrast Black - Provides vivid color contrast under any ambient lighting condition

Draper crafts a variety of screens for residential use. These innovative screens range from manual and electric ceiling-recessed models to screens in handcrafted cases that complement room furnishings.

Draper's projector lifts keep projectors hidden when not in use. Models include:

  • Micro Projector Lift - Designed for today's smaller projectors
  • Scissor Lift - CE-approved lift that is ideal for high ceilings and can be placed where needed for presentation; lowers within reach for easy service; sizes range from 4' - 12'; 100 lb lifting capacity
  • Scissor Lift XL - Available in sizes ranging from 10' - 28'; 350 lb lifting capacity
  • LCD Lift - Bomb bay doors allow retraction to a flat ceiling closure
  • Revelation - Hides the projector during presentation
  • AeroLift - Lift footprint and height is among the smallest of any video projector lift available
  • Orbiter - Designed to fit in a small ceiling cavity and rotate into place when needed during presentations
  • Phantom - Designed to lower into place for presentations and retract into the ceiling when not in use
  • Custom Lifts - Custom designed lifts available to meet specific project requirements

Flatscreen Lifts from Draper are designed to raise and lower plasma or LCD flatscreen displays from custom cabinets or other furniture, and offer both compact design and the greatest possible extension capability.

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

ProjectorLift MicroProjectorLift Draper ProjectorLift AeroLift 50 Draper
ProjectorLift AeroLift 25 Draper ProjectorLift AeroLift 150 Draper

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