Beta-Calco Architectural Lighting

Product Overview


Product Overview

Utilizing the most recently developed light sources, Beta-Calco creates architectural lighting products noted for their contemporary styling and superior quality.

Product Description, Applications

Used creatively throughout a number of commercial environments, pendant lighting is an appealing option that offers effective illumination, beauty, unique style and an array of interior design options. Available in both low voltage and high voltage options, pendant lighting can be designed to harmonize with the interior architecture, color scheme and functional purpose of a space. It is also versatile and can be installed with any type of ceiling.

  • Available in over 41 models and 10 distinct profiles
  • Offered in a variety of multi-arm styles

Recessed lighting is ideal for accent lighting or for illuminating shadows and low light areas. It is a perfect solution for highlighting unique architectural elements in a space, and, like pendant lighting, it works well with any ceiling type.

  • Available in over 13 models and 8 distinct profiles

Available in a variety of decorative designs, wall lighting provides directional illumination to accent artwork or architectural features, or to brighten dark spaces.

  • Available in over 91 models and many distinct profiles

Both decorative and functional, ceiling lighting provides illumination, while also showcasing commercial spaces.

  • Available in over 23 models and 6 distinct profiles

Applications include:

  • Auditoriums
  • Auto showrooms
  • Banks
  • Courthouses
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Shopping Malls
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals/Long-Term Care Facilities

Features, Advantages

  • Available with a choice of 12 metal plated finishes, 4 metal painted finishes and 3 plastic diffusers
  • Custom RAL powder coatings available that are widely accepted throughout the industry
  • 5 year warranty from date of purchase
  • Packaged with environmentally friendly materials produced from corn, wheat and potato starch
  • Specific models available that are designed to meet ADA requirements
  • Representatives available in Canada, the U.S., Latin America and the U.K.

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Windsor BetaCalco Trilogy Cradle Wall BetaCalco
Trilogy Cradle BetaCalco Qed BetaCalco
LightingFixture Kiora BetaCalco LightingFixture Belaro 16 BetaCalco
LightingFixture Exterior ONE4TWO BetaCalco LightingFixture Pendant Zedos PM BetaCalco
LightingFixture Qed BetaCalco LightingFixture Trilogy Cradle BetaCalco
LightingFixture Trilogy Cradle Wall BetaCalco LightingFixture Windsor BetaCalco

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