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The Belden Brick Company provides high quality brick products, including face brick, pavers and chemical resistant brick in over 150 color ranges, 13 textures and a selection of sizes and shapes. See The Belden Brick commercial photo gallery and online manufacturing videos.

Product Description, Applications

In addition to an extensive inventory of standard-shape dies and molds for corners, radials, bullnoses, sloped sills, headers and coping caps, skilled Belden professionals offer custom design and production services to modify standard shapes or create entirely new shapes. Hand molding special shapes not available with typical molding processes, Belden can provide unique designs for one-of-a-kind structures or structures that must blend with surroundings or existing companion buildings. Belden can also execute an existing logo, emblem or graphic in brick.


Belden face brick products are offered in 16 different sizes, with color options including frosted whites, pinks, deep reds, burgundies, grays and charcoal tones. Offered textures range from rugged randomly textured styles to silky smooth finishes.


Belden manufactures several lines of brick pavers in modern, as well as rustic and antique styles. The variable sizes and thicknesses can accommodate light pedestrian traffic, as well as heavy vehicular traffic.


Belden chemical-resistant floor bricks are manufactured of specially selected, high quality American shales and fire clays. Formulated for density and strength and fired at over over 2000 degrees F (1093 degrees C), these bricks offer exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. They are ideal for use in environments with excessive corrosive conditions, including the chemical, steel, metalworking, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, public utilities, aircraft, automotive and electronics industries. Belden chemical resistant floor brick is manufactured to conform to specification requirements of ASTM C279 and ASTM C410 (industrial floor brick).

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Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadMANU-SPEC 3-Part Specifications

Belden 04 21 00 MS FaceBrick

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