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Product Overview

ACO Polymer Products, Inc., manufactures precast polymer concrete and fiberglass trench drainage systems that meet the most demanding specifications of industrial, commercial, highway and athletic construction.


ACO Drain trench drains are available in either sloped or neutral configurations and include a comprehensive range of accessories, such as catch basins, grates and end outlets. Most systems incorporate a distinctive integral metal wearing rail that protects channel edges and provides a striking, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Grates for systems are independently certified to the loading requirements of DIN 19580. Grate materials include ductile iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, resin composite and brass. A variety of grate styles, including ADA compliant, slotted, perforated, solid covers, longitudinal slotted and nonmetallic, are available to meet water intake and location requirements. Trench drains are available for residential to heavy-duty industrial applications with solution products for chemical applications. A full custom design service is also available.

ACO Drain classifies products according to use: Standard products, problem-solving products, catch basins.

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ACO Road is a system of surface drainage products engineered for the unique design and performance demands of surface drainage on highways, urban roads and bridges. Key issues addressed by ACO Road products include: creating a safe driving environment by minimizing roadside ponding and sheeting; dealing with the traffic of fast moving vehicles; and meeting restrictions on the use of multiple grades.

ACO Road offers products to address unique design criteria for varying types of road and/or bridge projects. TraffikDrain combines the benefits of a standard grated trench drain with a high capacity intake grate and large high-volume pipe connection flume. HighwayDrain is a monolithic trench drain that is a grate and trench drain cast as one piece, all made from durable polymer concrete. CurbDrain offers an integrated curb unit and trench drain combined into one unique design, addressing drainage problems and eliminating flooding at low points, while also offering a highly durable, long-life curb solution. BridgeDrain is a scupper and pipe system made of lightweight fiberglass. This product was conceived to provide a strong, lightweight pipe system which evacuates stormwater off bridges.

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ACO Sport is a range of trench drainage products and accessories specifically designed to meet the demands of track and field facilities. Products are available to meet the performance and budget requirements of any athletic arena from high school field to Olympic Stadium. ACO Sport products have been selected for Olympic sites since 1972.

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