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Product Overview


Product Overview

Cornell Iron Works, Inc. manufactures overhead door systems and closure products, including rolling doors, fire rated door systems, counter doors, security grilles and side folding accordion products, with custom products and accessories meet special application design needs for combination doors, horizontal and roll top closures, high cycle units and high wind load doors.

Cornell Iron Works, Inc. overhead door and closure products are designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail safety and security applications, including emergency response, code compliance, access control and environmental separation.


Cornell Rolling Counter Doors are designed for service window openings in cafeterias, stadiums and arenas, educational, hospitality and healthcare facilities, parks and other public spaces. A full line, including models UL-labeled for smoke and fire protection, are available to suit a wide array of opening sizes and applications. Components include brackets, counterbalance shaft, hood, guides, curtain and bottom bar.

Cornell Rolling Counter Doors are offered with a variety of accessories and options:

  • Cylinder or slide bolt locking
  • Sill angles
  • 16 gauge extruded aluminum slat
  • Bottom bar sensing edge for motorized units
  • Fixed, removable and special corner mullions
  • Countertops and dual height countertops
  • Roll top enclosures
  • Machine frame assemblies
  • Operator covers for exposed or exterior units
  • Choice of finishes.

Cornell Rolling Counter Doors include:

  • Model ESC10 - Standard model
  • Model ESC20 with integral frame and sill
  • ScreenGard™ with 22 gauge galvanized steel perforated counter door curtain slats
  • Graphics Door with full color images applied to curtains and hoods

For Rolling Counter Doors 3-part specification, click here.

For Counter Doors w/Integral Frames 3-part specification on, click here.

For drawings, click here.


Cornell Iron Works, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fire-rated rolling fire door and rolling counter fire door systems that close automatically to protect wall openings from the spread of fire. The doors are designed for daily use and for use in openings not a required means of egress. A variety of models are available to suit different opening sizes and applications, and doors can be designed to meet specific PSF wind load requirements.

Cornell Rolling Fire Doors include:

  • Fire Door Model ERD10 - Available with UL classified 4-hour, 3-hour, 1 1/2 hour, 1 hour or 3/4 hour labels in 30' x 30' (9 x 9 m) standard construction and in large openings to 50' x 40' (15 x 12 m) up to 1200 ft² (112 m²); choice of galvanized steel or stainless steel construction; selection of fire door system operators and closing system accessories offered; SmokeShield® smoke and draft control option also available
  • Firemiser™ Insulated Fire Door Model ERD20 - Similar to Model ERD10, but includes interior mineral wool insulation curtain to reduce noise and improve thermal properties; achieves STC rating of 27, R-value of 5.3

Cornelll counter fire doors include:

  • Model ERC10 - Offers fire door labeling to UL 3 HR and is available with motor, chain or crank operations; push-up operations may be available for doors to 80 ft² (7.4 m²)
  • Model ERC20 - Includes an integral frame and countertop, factory-assembled, and offers fire door labeling to UL 1 1/2 HR for manual push up operation
  • Fire-rated Countertop - Two types of UL classified countertops are options for Model ERC10: A plastic laminate countertop, available in a range of standard laminates, and a 14 gauge stainless steel countertop

Cornell Smokeshield® Counter Fire Doors include:

  • Model ERC11 - A fire-rated door that provides smoke and draft protection and aids fire containment by reducing oxygen flow to the fire source. Supplied with UL leakage rated assembly, UL listed perimeter seals, UL listed bottom bar smoke seal and heat resistant perimeter caulking

For 3-part specifications:

For drawings, click here.


Cornell rolling service doors are offered standard in 22, 20 or 18 gauge galvanized steel, with options for stainless steel, 24 gauge steel and aluminum construction also available. Doors are offered with motor, chain, hand-crank or push-up operation according to project application.

  • Thermiser

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Door Service FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Service BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Rolling Grille FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Rolling Grille BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Fire M100 FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Fire M100 BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Counter BetweenJambMount CornellIron Door Counter FaceOfWallMount CornellIron
Door Counter Fire BetweenJambMount CornellIron Door Counter Fire FaceOfWallMount CornellIron
Door Crossing Gard Grille BetweenJambMount CornellIron Door Crossing Gard Grille Ceiling Hosted CornellIron
Door Crossing Gard Grille FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Firemiser BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Firemiser FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Sentry Gate BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Sentry Gate FaceOfWallMount CornellIron Door Thermiser BetweenJambMount CornellIron
Door Thermiser FaceOfWallMount CornellIron

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