DETAN Tension Rod Systems


Product Overview

Halfen Anchoring Systems has provided designers and contractors worldwide with the most reliable and strongest anchoring systems for over 70 years. Halfen works closely with specifiers and engineers to solve the most complex design challenges.

Product Description, Applications

The DETAN Tension Rod System is an aesthetically pleasing way to provide bracing or structural support. The DETAN system is manufactured from both carbon steel and stainless steel in a variety of sizes. Adjustment for length is hidden within the system and is provided without the use of turnbuckles or unsightly exposed threads.


DETAN Tension Rod Systems in stainless steel are typically used in applications where a high resistance to corrosion is necessary or where a polished finish is preferred. Stainless steel tension rods are available up to 6 m long in 9 diameters, ranging from 6 - 30 mm. As with the carbon steel system, couplers and anchor discs may be used to extend the system when long spans are required.


Available in 19 diameters, the DETAN System is supplied in 2 carbon steel strengths:

  • System diameter 6 - 12 mm; yield strength 51.5 ksi (355 MPa)
  • System diameter 16 - 95 mm; yield strength 66.7 ksi (460 MPa)

By using high grade steels, the DETAN System is able to provide superior performance and economy, while saving material and weight.


  • Tension rods - Supplied with one left-hand thread and one right-hand thread to engage with corresponding left and right forks
  • Couplers - Used to join DETAN tension rods in applications requiring long spans
  • Anchor discs - Another method for extending the span of the system, they can also be used to provide a central connection point for structures requiring cross bracing
  • Fork connectors - Provide an adjustable connection between the tension rod and connection plates on the structure or anchor discs
  • DETAN compression rods - Satisfy design requirements for bracing and fulfill the occasional need for a compression member to both strengthen and stabilize the structure
  • Connection plates - Used to attach the tension rods to the structure, these plates are made by others following the geometry and design guidelines shown in the DETAN catalog

Features, Advantages

  • Easily adjustable for length
  • Available in carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Variety of standard finishes
  • Optional sealing of the threads for corrosion protection available
  • System diameters from 6 - 95 mm in stainless steel up to 30 mm
  • Load capacity up to 605,790 lb (2695 kN)

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