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Product Overview


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

The world-class DORMA Automatics manufacturing facility in Lake Bluff, Illinois, offers an extensive and innovative line of sliding, swinging, folding and revolving door systems that meet and exceed industry standards. Designed for precision performance and long lasting reliability, the doors and accessories provide safe and reliable pedestrian access for a range of applications, including retail establishments, restaurants, healthcare facilities, institutions, hotels and ADA projects.

ESA Automatic Sliding Doors
The ESA door is an efficient and technologically advanced sliding door that is stylish, as well as durable. A low profile header allows the door to be flush with surrounding structures, and a continuous, self-monitoring system adds an extra measure of safety and efficiency. DORMA ESA doors are self-supporting to a 16' (4.9 m) span and are available in hurricane resistant and all glass models.

  • ESA100, 200, 300 - Three strong, low profile models are available to answer client requirements: non-breakout ESA100; ESA200 with fixed sidelite; full breakout ESA300
  • ESA400 Fine Frame - The ESA400 with full breakout capability combines full view aesthetics and excellent weather-sealing qualities
  • ESA500 All-Glass - The all glass ESA500 door is designed without vertical trim for an uninterrupted horizontal expanse that blends easily with an all-glass facade

Swing Door Operators

  • ED400 Full Power Swing Door Operator - ED400 is a powerful, reliable and intelligent swing door operator designed to handle high traffic entrances and heavy-duty applications. It features a technologically advanced encoder, innovative user interface and microprocessor control, along with a built-in power boost that prevents the door from opening during high wind or stack pressure buildup. Reliable and smooth, ED400 is self-learning for door weight and inertia and is ideal for such demanding applications as retail centers, health care facilities and airports
  • ED700 Low Energy Swing Door Operator - ED700 is a custom-built, low energy swing door operator designed with features and functions to make existing doors easily accessible. It can provide barrier-free access for door widths to 48" (1.2 m) and can open to a 110 degree angle. ED700 is easy to install and supports common applications for outswing and inswing doors
  • ED100 and ED250 - The new electromechanical ED100 and ED250 operators are equipped with DORMA‚Äôs innovative automatic wind load control. Adjusting in real time, these operators automatically recognize and compensate for wind loads with a force up to 33 lbf and use a motor to continuously control the door all the way to the closed and latched position

MAGNEO Sliding Entrance System
The MAGNEO Sliding Entrance System is an automatic operator for new or retrofit single panel interior doors. Using innovative magnetic technology, MAGNEO can operate in full or low energy mode and provides safe, reliable and quiet operation for public, commercial or private applications. Standard functions for MAGNEO include push button activation, radar motion detector, radio remote control or AutoSwitch.

DORMA ICU Healthcare Solutions

  • DORMA ICU300 - DORMA Automatics offers a complete line of ICU manual sliding doors for special care facilities, such as hospitals and surgical centers. The DORMA ICU300 permits continuous patient observation, as well as quick and easy access in emergency conditions. DORMA ICU300 doors are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and finishes
  • DORMA ICU1200 - The easy-to-install DORMA ICU1200 is a perfect fit for installations with limited width and self-closing requirements. The ICU1200 combines two types of doors: a double acting swing door on one side and a bi-fold manual door on the other. Narrow stiles and an optional muntin ensure clear views for observing patients.

Features, Benefits

  • Products are manufactured to ANSI A156.10 and A156.19 standards and are UL-listed or ETL-listed to US and Canadian safety standards
  • ESA-HP hurricane-resistant automatic sliding doors meet Dade County and Florida Building Code regulations
  • Exclusive features, such as an advanced microprocessor controller, add to precision performance and long lasting reliability
  • Wide selection of sensors, engineered to optimize safety, provide safety and protection to a variety of applications
  • Sound-dampening designs and tracts reduce operational noise and stop vibration resonance


DORMA Entrance Systems
924 Sherwood Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Tel: 877-367-6211, Fax: 877-423-7999

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