Glass Door Hardware

Product Overview


Product Overview

DORMA Glas, a leading manufacturer of systems and accessories for tempered glass entrances, offers a complete line of hardware, from patch fittings to sliding glass partitions, locks and hinges, for versatility, precision, functionality and long service life.

Pivoting Systems

Patch fittings can be used to create interior and exterior openings that are technically sound, as well as visually appealing. Ideal for frameless all-glass design, DORMA patch fittings are available in two styles, Universal and EA offset.

The DORMA MANET pivoting system is designed of stainless steel, flush-mounted, single-point fittings to maximize design options for frameless glass swing doors. MANET pivot doors accommodate various glass thicknesses and can be wall-mounted, transom-mounted or sidelite-mounted.

The BEYOND system is a safe, functional and attractive system for glass doors. Unique and patented, BEYOND is designed with a centrally located pivot point to help prevent fingers from being trapped. It is offered with either an elegant, continuous pivot rod or smart short rod and is suitable for a range of applications.

DORMA TENSOR is a double-acting hinge suited for a range of applications, including new projects and renovations. TENSOR hinges can mounted on a wall or ceiling and feature an automatic closing function that safely returns the door to zero position, eliminating the need for a door closer.

VISUR is a double-acting pivot system, designed without visible fittings for a completely transparent look. All hardware components are hidden in the top recessed header tube and concealed in the floor, allowing for discreet presence and easy integration with virtually any design concept.

DRS Rail System
The DRS Rail System, the original clamp-on rail system from DORMA, accommodates multiple glass thicknesses and is available in various heights. The rails are delivered with all hardware prepped and installed to allow for quick and easy door assembly.

RP Headers
DORMA RP Headers are fully fabricated for glass door and sidelite configurations that feature a concealed closer and top pivots. A glazing pocket is snapped into the header tube to permit a seamless transition to the sidelite glazing.

Dri-Fit™ System
The DORMA Dri-Fit system simplifies glazing installation, while eliminating the requirement for silicone. The intelligently designed Dri-Fit gasket is used in sidelite rails, header tube glazing pockets and U-channels. Dri-Fit rails are offered to match DRS door rails, and a complete range of saddles are available to match clearances.


1520 Jabez Run, Suite 303
Millersville, MD 21108
Tel: 410-923-0890, Fax: 410-923-3060

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1520 Jabez Run, Suite 303
Millersville, MD 21108
(410) 923-0890
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(410) 923-3060
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