High-Speed XLERATOR®, Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers


Product Overview

Nearly a decade after its launch, the XLERATOR® hand dryer by Excel Dryer, Inc. has established itself as the new industry standard. Unlike conventional hand dryers, which average 30 to 45 seconds of drying time, XLERATOR dries hands three times faster (completely in 10-15 seconds) and uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. XLERATOR represents a 95% cost savings when compared to paper towels, reduces maintenance and improves restroom hygiene. XLERATOR is also the only hand dryer to be MADE in USA CERTIFIED™, the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec® Listed and helps facilities qualify for multiple LEED credits. A peer reviewed ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment of XLERATOR confirmed it reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-70% when compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels.

Facilities now look for green, cost saving initiatives; XLERATOR dryers accomplish both. Excel Dryer and Sloan Valve have teamed up to develop a new continuing education course, Next Generation Green Restroom Design (NGGRD). The course was developed in conjunction with U.S. Green Building Council and is featured in their new virtual tour program. NGGRD emphasizes how high-efficiency hand dryers and plumbing fixtures help reduce maintenance and cost while delivering the lowest environmental impact: up to 50% water reduction, over 90% cost reduction, over 70% carbon reduction.

Excel has provided cost-effective XLERATOR hand dryers for schools, hospitals, airports, service stations, correctional facilities, restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, health clubs, office buildings, factories, hotels, and many other commercial facilities.

New XLERATOR Accessories

HEPA Filtration System—the most hygienic hand drying system on the market. XLERATOR’s new HEPA filtration system settles the hand hygiene debate. XLERATOR’s certified HEPA filtration system removes 99.9% of bacteria from the air stream, delivering clean, filtered and purified air as only XLERATOR can—fast and efficient. The HEPA filtration system is the only one with a removable washable pre-filter for reliable performance and extended life of the HEPA filter. It easily retrofits into existing units or can be purchased with a new high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR hand dryer.

ADA-Compliant Paper Towel Dispenser Retrofit Kit—XLERATOR XChanger® combination kit provides a simple, cost-effective solution for replacing built-in paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles with XLERATOR hand dryers. An adjustable stainless steel panel mounts neatly where dispensers existed, while the ADA-compliant recess kit and dryer mount onto the panel, leaving restrooms clean and green.

Speed and Sound Control—new adjustable air speed and sound control for sound-sensitive areas. The new control allows customers to adjust the air speed, which in turn, controls the sound level to their preferred setting. This can be used with the standard nozzle or the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle.

Wall Guards—anti-microbial wall guards are made specifically to fit underneath XLERATOR. The Wall Guard is designed to fit directly underneath electric hand dryers to protect wall finishes from excess water in high traffic restrooms. The Wall Guard’s Microban® thermoplastic 3M technology inhibits the growth of bacteria that can causes stains on walls and surfaces. Microban® is built into the Wall Guard so it won’t wash or wear away and lasts for the lifetime of the product.

Noise Reduction Nozzle—XLERATOR’s 1.1 noise reduction nozzle reduces the dryer’s sound by up to nine decibels and eliminates almost all of the air deflection noise without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

Upgraded Control Assembly Unit—new completely sealed control assembly and optics are vandal resistant and protect against damage from moisture, dust or other objects. Modular design for easy maintenance.

    Features, Advantages
  • Promote hygiene
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Sustainable
  • Provide savings in the form of reduced custodial costs
  • Dependable
  • Easy to install

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Hand dryer Cast Cover 76W Excel Hand dryer Cast Cover 76C Excel
Hand dryer Xlerator XL BW Excel

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