Epicore Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems


Product Overview

For over 40 years, EPIC Metals Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specialty steel decks. The Epicore® family of products continues to feature superior structural and acoustical capabilities while addressing pleasing aesthetics. Epicore is the architectural choice for roof and floor deck ceiling systems.

Epicore Roof & Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

EPIC Metals Corporation manufactures seven Epicore profiles to provide economical roof and floor deck ceiling systems. The many benefits of Epicore Composite Floor and Roof Deck Ceiling Systems have led to their specification in the following types of projects:

  • Airport terminals
  • Arenas
  • Art galleries
  • Educational facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Natatoriums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Telecommunication centers


This structural roof deck ceiling system has a visually pleasing linear plank appearance and can clear span up to 32 feet between truss supports. The Epicore ER6.5 profile conceals the roofing system fasteners to avoid unsightly nail spikes piercing the finished ceiling structure, maintaining the aesthetic interity of the ceiling system.
A versatile grid hanging system has been designed specifically for Epicore systems to act as a permanent or temporary way to hang utility systems, signage, or lighting fixtures. In addition, the acoustical features of Epicore ER6.5A reduce interior ambient noise levels. ER6.5A achieves superb noise reduction coefficients up to 1.0, the highest achievable rating for noise absorption.


The composite floor deck ceiling systems provide economical floor systems that match the appearance of the Epicore roof deck systems to achieve a consistent ceiling appearance on various floors. In addition to sharing similar features and benefits with Epicore roof deck systems, Epicore composite floor deck systems have UL unprotected fire ratings.


EPIC offers 2 styles of hangers that work with the Epicore family of products. The wedge bolt hanger can support loads up to 1000 lb (453.6 kg). Additionally, Epicore hangers have UL fire ratings.

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