Face Brick

Product Overview


Product Overview

For more than 120 years, The Belden Brick Company has sustained its leadership in the industry by adding design flexibility to the many other advantages of brick. This flexibility is expressed through an extensive range of brick colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Altogether, there are over 400 different Belden Brick variations. With Belden Brick, virtually anything that can be visualized can become a reality. See The Belden Brick commercial photo gallery and online manufacturing videos.

Product Description, Applications
The Belden Brick Company offers a wide range of face brick meeting ASTM C216, types FBS, FBX and FBA. It is available in 16 different sizes and hundreds of custom shapes and colors such as frosted whites, pinks, deep reds, burgundies, chocolates, buffs, grays and charcoal tones are standard; additional variations are possible by using different firing techniques and intermixing brick colors. Belden brick is available in a range of textures from rugged, randomly textured styles such as vertical scratch and bark, to moderate textures like matte and velour, to silky smooth finishes.

Belden Brick offers a full line of brick shapes, including internal and external corners, radials, shelf angles, soldiers, sills, bullnoses, lip stretchers, coping caps, arches and watertables. Belden is highly experienced at the craft of traditional brick making for standard and custom shapes. Extrusion and hand mold methods are used for special brick shapes to create beautiful and dramatic brick detailing, murals and sculptures.

Features, Advantages

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Saves on heating and cooling costs
  • Lower fire insurance rates
  • Higher resale value

Capabilities, Services
Belden operates 7 brick plants that utilize stateof-the-art tunnel kilns and traditional beehive kilns. A large inventory of dies, templates, mold boxes and other tools for creating special custom shapes provides Belden with options for both large-scale production runs and unique specialty items. At the completion of the production process, Belden bricks are inspected, sorted and blended by hand to provide the desired color blend needed for the jobsite to saveconstruction time and ensure a balanced appearance.

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