Filler King/Boise Cascade LLC Laminated Wood Beams and Wood Roof Decking


Product Overview

The Filler King manufactures Douglas Fir and Port Orford Cedar laminated wood beams for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, residential and religious construction applications.

Product Description, Applications
Filler King's glue-laminated beam timber is an engineered, stress-rated product comprising parallel assemblies of wood laminations, finger jointed at the ends and face laminated with exterior grade adhesives. The layup of the beam prescribes the grades of lumber on the bottom and top to establish a stress grade, and each beam is manufactured to a stress-rated formula set forth by the APA.

Filler King offers straight, cambered or curved beams in lengths to 76' (23 m). The beams can be finished to industrial, rough-sawn, architectural, or premium appearances; for the architectural and premium grades, beams are planer surfaced and sanded.

Filler King offers roof decking manufactured from the western softwood species of Douglas Fir/Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Inland Red Cedar. The random length continuous layup decking system, applied over 3 or more spans, is the strongest and most economical design layup. The face of the decking is a tight-knotted grade, machine sanded to accentuate the grain and growth characteristics of the wood. The lumber is kiln dried and laminated with a waterproof exterior phenolic resorcinol adhesive. Laminated wood roof decking is a preferred choice for building designs where a natural wood appearance is desired.

Filler King offers laminated roof decking in lengths to 24' (7 m). The face grade has small tight knots and straight grain; the center and back laminates are pregraded to produce a dry, straight finished piece of structured decking. Filler King’s unique horizontal finger jointing system, designed specifically for long lengths, makes efficient use of raw materials while providing added strength for larger structures.

New from Filler King, solid sawn roof decking provides a distinctive wood deck ceiling of Port Orford Cedar in the traditional timber style. When combined with laminated beams and columns, it serves as a structural load-carrying unit with finger jointing for specified long lengths to 24' (7.3 m). Available in 2 × 6, 2 × 8 sizes, Filler King solid sawn roof decking is available center matched and end matched, sanded face or rough sawn, and with a square edge or a bullnose edge.

Features, Advantages

  • Economical – Laminated timbers can be manufactured for large spans and heavy uniform or concentrated load requirements
  • Creative – Designers have the option to provide construction without the need for interior walls, supports and costly footings
  • Kiln dried – Lumber is kiln dried to a maximum 15% to reduce changes in wood checking and size when the beam is in its ambient condition
  • Insulating – Wood changes less in thermal expansion than steel or concrete; its insulating power is many times higher than steel or concrete, and it has excellent electrical insulating qualities

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

Laminated Wood Beams and Roof Decking 

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