Firestone Building Products UNA-CLAD™ Standing Seam Roofing

Product Overview


Product Overview

Firestone Building Products, an architectural roofing system leader, offers the UNA-CLAD™ line of high quality metal roofing systems suited for commercial, industrial and agricultural application. The complete line of products includes metal roofing, panels, column covers and accessories.

Product Description, Applications
UNA-CLAD™ metal roofing systems are offered with a wide selection of sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly options and finishes, including copper, aluminum and painted steel. The systems are UL rated and tested to the highest ASTM standards.


UNA-CLAD UC-1 is a snap-on standing seam roofing system, with concealed fasteners and hold-down clips to allow movement and general expansion and contraction. This popular thin line metal roofing system is available in galvanized steel, aluminum or copper.


UNA-CLAD UC-3 is a double-lock standing seam roofing system that can be curved to accommodate complex architectural designs.This preformed metal roofing system has proven ability to withstand high wind and includes concealed fasteners and hold-down clips to allow expansion and contraction.


UNA-CLAD UC-4 is a patented self-locking standing seam metal roofing system that eliminates the need for clips. The interlocking UC-4 panels fasten to solid substrates or purlins to allow for maximum thermal movement.


UNA-CLAD UC-6 is a double-lock standing seam roofing system that uses a Pittsburg Locking seaming process and concealed clip assembly to offer an outstanding UL-90 wind uplift rating.

UC-7 and UC-8 SERIES

UC-7 and UC-8 are snap-on standing seam roofing systems with panels that can be designed for radius and high profile features. These systems allow open framing for panels in mansard or canopy installations.


UNA-CLAD UC-14 is a snap-on standing seam roof system that can act as a standalone roof or as part of a roofing assembly. It features concealed clip seams to eliminate the need for mechanical seaming or separate battens and is able to accommodate very long panels.

For more information about UNA-CLAD, go to the product page on the Firestone website.

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