Product Overview


Product Overview

The GardenScapes™ vegetated membrane roof system is a cost-effective, energy efficient alternative to traditional low-slope roofing products. Available for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings, GardenScapes vegetated membrane roof systems serve as natural, eco-friendly roof insulation, reducing heat transfer and helping to lessen energy consumption and its associated costs. The system’s insulating properties also help to lower the surface temperature of the roofing membrane, which allows GardenScapes systems to last twice as long as traditional low-slope roof systems.

Incorporating a simple design, the GardenScapes system is comprised of four main components:

  • A single-ply or multi-ply waterproofing membrane
  • A drainage mat that slows excess moisture flow, protects the roofing membrane and screens and retains sufficient water to sustain plant material
  • An organic growing medium custom-formulated according to geographic region to promote rapid plant growth
  • Regional plant material that is selected to meet landscaping objectives, cover the soil and prevent erosion

The GardenScapes roof system is installed by a factory-certified, single source contractor that will also service and maintain the complete system. Specific warranty provisions guarantee plant maturation through the critical early stages of growth.

Features, Advantages

  • Can last twice as long as a traditional low-slope roof system
  • Can provide significant energy cost savings
  • Offers exceptional insulating properties
  • Can reduce noise from exterior sources by up to 40 dB
  • Improves building aesthetics and increases long-term property values
  • Beneficial for the environment
  • Can help qualify for certain local, state, or federal tax incentives or green initiatives
  • May contribute points toward LEED® project certification

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