Green Roof Products

Product Overview


Product Overview

Advanced Building Products offers a family of eco-friendly green roofing solutions designed to increase roofing service life, while reducing air pollution, energy consumption, heat island effect and airborne noise.

Product Descripiton, Applications

Advanced Building Products' green roofing is eco-friendly, effective and easy to incorporate into any intensive or extensive roofing design. Offering outstanding drainage and root support for green roofing applications, these high performance products promote service life that can be twice that of a conventional roof. Suited for commercial, instututional and residential application, the lightweight, durable and flexible products are made of 100% recycled material and can contribute points toward LEED® certification.

A typical Advanced Building Product green roof system is comprised of multiple layers:

  • Growing medium and plants
  • Ground Guard® RR Roof Reinforcement, Ground Guard® or Ground Guard® with Fertil-Fabric™ Pre-Vegetated Mat
  • Watairvent® Drainage Mat
  • Root Barrier
  • Waterproofing Membrane
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Roof Deck

Watairvent GR is an effective drainage composite that permits unobstructed water and air flow to protect structural roof elements. Made of a heavy-duty, 100% recycled polyester filter fabric, it allows water to pass through, but keeps soil particles from cloggin the core. Strong enough to handle any rooftop soil load, Watairvent GR is suited for intensive and extensive green roofs, indoor and outdoor planters, sloped roofs, contoured roofs and vegetated plaza decks.

Ground Guard RR is a root reinforcement product designed to enhance plant growth and survival. Made of 100% recycled nylon mesh, it creates an open structure environment where plants can securely and permanently anchor roots. This lightweight product is easy to install and can be used for coastal and high wind areas, intensive and extensive green roofs, sloped or contoured roofs and erosion prevention.

Ground Guard VM is a flexible, open structure with a filter fabric that allows roof plants to be field grown off-site. The open structure, comprised of 100% recycled nylon and polyester, provides an ideal environment for plants to anchor roots, and the filter fabric holds soil in place and promotes drainage. When the root system is secure, the entire matting can be shipped to the installation site to provide an instantly green roof. Ground Guard VM is suited for vegetated, pre-grown mats, erosion prevention, coastal and high wind areas, and sloped or contoured roofs.

Ground Guard with Fertil-Fabric is a flexible, open-structure mat that incorporates recycled cow manure specially processed to eliminate bacteria and odors. The naturally fertilized, environmentally safe mat promotes plant growth and allows plants to be grown, and then transported in matting. Safe for the environment, this pre-vegetated mat is suited for applications including intensive and extensive green roofs, vegetated pre-grown mats, sloped or contoured roofs, and erosion prevention.

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