Griffolyn Reinforced Vapor Retarder Systems


Product Overview

The Griffolyn® division of Reef Industries, Inc., features a complete line of standard vapor and air/vapor retarders, performance engineered with multiple layers of lightweight, reinforced polyethylene to restrict moisture infiltration within the building envelope as well as architectural grades of film and custom laminates.

Product Description, Applications

Highly resistant to punctures and able to withstand extended exposure to adverse weather conditions and contaminates, Griffolyn products can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Vapor and moisture retarder for under slab, walls, ceilings, and roofing systems
  • Crawl spaces
  • Cold storage, museums and computer rooms

Designed to eliminate moisture infiltration in under-slab, roof deck and wall and ceiling applications, the Griffolyn® line includes:


  • Type-65 – 3-ply, all-purpose vapor retarder
  • Type-65G – Type-65 with a laminated, nonwoven geotextile for superior puncture resistance under slabs
  • Type-85 – 5-ply barrier with strength and permeance levels for under-slab applications, including wood and special flooring
  • TX-1200-reinforced general purpose 3-ply for crawl space
  • TX-1600
  • 20 MIL Reinforced


  • Type-55 FR - 3-ply, fire retardant vapor retarder for ceiling, roof deck and wall assemblies
  • TX-1200 FR - 3-ply, fire retardant Class I vapor retarder with outstanding strength and low permeance for walls, ceilings and roof decks
  • Type-90 FR - 5-ply, fire retardant vapor retarder with extra strength to handle extreme temperature vartiations


  • 10 MIL GREEN - durable film for Class "A" retarder application
  • 15 MIL GREEN - extra heavy film engineered to provide strength and durability in a vapor retarder
  • Vapor Barrier


  • VAPORguard® - Combination of high density polyethylene and aluminum with very low permeance for computer rooms, museums, cold storage and radon control applications


  • Fab Tape™ - an asphaltic mastic that creates a durable field seam, ensuring maximum bonding between sections and providing a seal around penetrations
  • Pipe boots
  • Sealant Tape
  • Transguard® 4000 - a strong, lightweight reusable we-cure cover, also available to help maintain appropriate moisture levels during the concrete curing process
  • Ultra VR Tape™ - a pressure sensitive tape used for field repairs, and pipe boots, available in several sizes to secure the vapor retarder system

Features, Advantages

  • Patented multiple layers and reinforced grid system for strong, durable and cost-effective vapor control
  • Low permeability helps inhibit moisture transmission under slab and within wall, floor, ceiling and roof assemblies
  • As part of a complete radon control system, effectively reduces the amount of radon entering a building
  • Flexible and lightweight construction for easy handling and installation
  • Puncture- and tear-resistant, with an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to weather
  • Products can be manufactured in sizes to meet special project requirements

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

Reef_07 26 00_SD_Griffolyn_v2012_B 

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