Gymnasium Equipment from Draper Inc.


Product Overview

Draper is an industry leader in the manufacture of gymnasium equipment, providing high quality products that include basketball backstops, divider curtains, wall pads, volleyball systems and mat lifters.

Product Description, Applications

Designed as a single stem, all-welded mainframe, Draper’s EZ Fold® backstops are constructed of high-strength steel mechanical tubing. Versatile design allows three folding directions: forward, back and side for a 360° choice of installation.

Draper gym dividers are available in three options: a vinyl-coated polyester mesh to allow air flow, a solid vinyl for a complete visual barrier, and a combination divider with mesh on top and solid vinyl on the bottom. The curtains are resistant to rot and mildew, and provide excellent ultraviolet resistance. Fabrics are GREENGUARD® Children and Schools certified and meet the strictest off-gassing standards.

Gym wall padding provides heavy-duty protection for impact areas in gymnasiums. Draper’s high quality wall pads are ideal for basketball courts, gymnastics areas, wrestling rooms and rehabilitation centers. All standard wall pads include a 1" lip on the top and bottom for easy installation over finished or unfinished walls. Additional mounting options are available.

The Draper EcoVision™ line of Wall Pads are GREENGUARD® Children and Schools certified. Draper is the first manufacturer to receive GREENGUARD® Children and Schools certification for gymnasium equipment.


  • Elite Volleyball System (EVS) is Draper’s premier volleyball system, and meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball, NCAA and FIVB requirements for competition equipment; includes an Infinite Height Adjustment feature that allows system height to be adjusted from 6' to 8'4"
  • Power Volleyball System (PVS) is an all-aluminum floor-sleeve type volleyball system engineered for a lifetime of hard use, and meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball, NCAA and FIVB requirements for competition equipment; height adjusts from 6'1" to 8'4" in one inch increments
  • Competition Volleyball System incorporates all of the top quality features of Draper's high-end system, but with added versatility; includes an all-aluminum CVS floor-sleeve type system that adusts to all competition heights for tennis, badminton and volleyball or heights in between; meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball and NCAA requirements for competition equipment
  • Steel Volleyball System is a cost-effective model designed for programs with limited budgets or with a preference for the rigidity of a steel post; incorporates all of the quality features of Draper's PVS system but with telescopic steel posts; meets all NFHS, USA Volleyball, NCAA and FIVB requirements for competition equipment and adjusts to all competition heights

The Draper Mat Lifter allows mats to be stored off the floor. Each mat lifter is constructed of a welded steel frame, and all drive and lifting mechanisms are enclosed in a sheet metal housing. Three models are available: single, double and sectional. An optional traveling kit enables the mat to be moved from a balcony or adjoining storage area to the gym floor.

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GymWallPad Shape Standard Draper GymWallPad Shape L Draper
GymWallPad Shape C Draper GymDivider Walk Draw Draper
Basketball Backboard Assembly TF 20 Draper

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