HySecurity® Gate Operators for Chain Link Gates

Product Overview


Product Overview

HySecurity® gate operators provide security, reliability, low maintenance, flexible speed and overall toughness. They are engineered to detect, report and trigger automated site-specified actions if critical security breaches occur.

Product Description, Applications
HySecurity® gate operators meet the stringent governmental, industrial, corporate and residential security and reliability requirements. They are installed at Baghdad International Airport, Fort Knox and The United Nations; numerous federal, state and municipal sites; correctional facilities, corporate campuses and power generation facilities; and at mini storages, gated communities and VIP residences.

Abnormal operation or security breach reporting integrates easily to centralized security monitoring systems through HySecurity’s Smart Touch and Smart DC Controller. Each gate operator design is tested for at least 200,000 cycles before release to the market. Slide, swing, traffic barrier and vertical lift operators all receive the same kind of rigorous testing. All AC models are continuous duty.

SlideDriver is a reliable, secure and low-maintenance hydraulic slide gate operator preferred by the U. S. Department of Defense and chosen for thousands of secure sites nationwide. SlideDriver uses 2 fully enclosed hydraulic motors to move a rigid drive rail compressed between 2 polyurethane drive wheels. HySecurity offers 7 SlideDriver standard models to meet various gate weight, length, speed and UL Class specifications. Most standard models can also be built as Modular (M), Correctional Facility (C), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup and/or Solar configurations.

SlideDriver achieves gate travel of 1' - 3' (0.3 - 0.9 m) per second and accommodates gates weighing up to 20,000 lb (9072 kg). Most SlideDriver models are equipped with a Soft Stop system that allows heavy or fast moving gates to stop smoothly and predictably. Independently adjustable brake valves are also available on most models. All electrical voltages and phases are accepted.

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StrongArm is a durable, reliable and low maintenance barrier arm gate operator designed for controlling vehicular traffic at entrances ranging from narrow to wide. The powerful hydraulic operating system can support heavy wood, aluminum, fiberglass or aluminum-fiberglass arms to 36' (11 m) in length. Engineered with fewer heavy duty components, StrongArm provides consistent performance, reduces maintenance costs and avoids excessive parts inventory. StrongArm uses a 3/4 hp motor that is capable of opening the gate in 2 - 8 seconds, depending on arm size. All operators are equipped with Soft Stop features to prevent shock loads and prolong the life of the equipment. The heaviest arm model, StrongArm 36, also uses HySecurity’s Soft Start technology to start the load gently, keeping the long barrier arm under full control at all times.

StrongArm is the preferred vehicle barrier system for high security corporate, industrial and governmental installations and is ideal for airports and other specialty applications with multiple lanes of traffic. StrongArm is compatible with all standard access control equipment. Every model runs on all electrical voltages and phases.

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SwingRiser is a robust and unique hydraulic swing gate operator that offers the ultimate in performance, reliability, security and low maintenance. SwingRiser can be configured to open single gate panels, and is also available in optional twin leaf and leaf delay configurations to move 2 bi-parting gates together.

  • Single Leaf Configuration - In its single leaf configuration, SwingRiser opens single gate panels weighing up to 3000 lb (1361 kg) with widths to 16' (4.9 m), at speeds ranging from 14 - 30 seconds to open and 14 - 30 seconds to close
  • Twin Configuration - Two SwingRiser posts and one power supply unit can be installed to operate twin leaf units on the same entrance or exit, enabling both gate panels to move in unison. When functioning in this twin configuration, both gate panels operate as one unit and are powered by one controller, one motor, and a single hydraulic system that divides the hydraulic fluid to each post
  • Leaf Delay Configuration - For applications requiring 2 gate panels to operate independently of each other, a leaf delay configuration with 2 single leaf operators is required. In this arrangement, each leaf requires separate power and separate hydraulic controls

During the gate opening cycle, the SwingRiser hydraulic cylinder rises to lift the gate panel a full 12" (305 mm) while rotating from 0 to 90 degrees or 100 degrees without the use of articulating arms, screw drives or mechanical devices. The graceful lift and swing movement allows the gate to clear adjacent obstructions, such as snow, rocks, curbs and gradient differences. At the end of the close cycle, the locking pin gently lowers into its receptacle, securely locking the gate without the use of externally operated electric or mechanical locks.

SwingRiser works equally well with ornamental gates, industrial gates or security gates in high-end residential, industrial and government applications. Installed applications have included estate homes, parking garages, police departments, gated communities, prisons, memorial parks, railyards, airports, shopping malls, animal shelters, arenas and many others.

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HydraLift is a secure, low maintenance vertical-lift gate operator designed for openings in which there is limited or inadequate space to operate a slide or swing gate or to clear multiple lanes of traffic quickly. Standard HydraLift operator assemblies raise gate panels weighing up to 2000 lb (907 kg) to a height of 16' (5 m), allowing for easy truck clearance. The gate panels are counterbalanced and are controlled from a remote hydraulic panel.

HydraLift provides security and quick, reliable performance for industrial, commercial and correctional applications with high traffic volumes. HydraLift operators are often found at metro transit facilities, truck freight depots, heavy equipment airport access sites, shipping ports and at industrial, multi-lane freight yards. They are also installed at entrances of high end apartment and condominium complexes, as well as in skyscraper parking garages.

HydraLift is available in 4 models offering 2 speeds to meet a variety of weight, length, speed and UL class requirements. Options include custom post heights and DC operation with uninterruptible power supply (UPS). HydraLift is compatible with all standard access control equipment. All electrical voltages and phases are accepted.

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SlideSmart DC™
SlideSmart DC is an electromechanical, chain driven slide gate operator ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. DC battery backup provides continous operation, even during power failure. SlideSmart is available in a 1 ft/s and 2 ft/s model. Both are adjustable speed to suit site requirements and can gracefully handle gates up to 40' (12 m) in length and weighing up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) using Soft Start and Soft Stop technology.

SlideSmart DC is compatible with virtually all available access contol, safety, and vehicle detection equipment using easy to program Smart DC Controller. Simple design provides a gate system that is easy to install and maintain. Programming, security monitoring, diagnostics and reporting are easily accomplished using the Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (START).

SlideSmart DC is available in standard and solar models in 2 speeds.

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SwingSmart DC™
SwingSmart DC is an electromechanical, pad-mounted swing gate operator specifically for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It offers ultimate reliability with full DC battery backup operation when power is lost. SwingSmart easily handles gates up to 20' (6 m) in length or weighing up to 1300 lb (590 kg). Made of only high quality parts, SwingSmart DC performs reliably in the most harsh, extreme environments.

SwingSmart DC is compatible with virtually all available access control, safety and vehicle detection equipment using the easy to program Smart DC Controller. Through use of a small number of industrial grade electrical components, replacement costs are kept low. Moving parts are enclosed out of sight and are protected from vandalism and tampering by a heavy duty, key-locked cover. Operation programming, security monitoring, diagnostics and reporting are easily accomplished using the Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.).

SwingSmart DC is available in standard and solar models, and is easy to install and maintain, regardless of installer experience level.

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Gate operators are controlled by the microprocessor based Smart Touch Controller or Smart DC Controller which are listed for use with all UL Class I - IV applications and conforms to UL 991 standard. As systems with a UL 991-compliant controller, SlideDriver, StrongArm, SwingRiser, HydraLift, SlideSmart DC and SwingSmart DC conform to UL 325 standard. Smart Touch Controller and Smart DC Controller features include:

  • LCD display for status and fault monitoring
  • “Warn before operate” system
  • Built-in heavy duty power surge protection
  • 1-wire input terminal connections and common wire bus
  • Menu Mode that can be configured for installer options or end user options
  • Anti-tailgate mode
  • 17 user inputs
  • 3 installer configurable outputs for many interface options for Smart Touch Controller (2 for Smart DC Controller)
  • 32 programmable output relay options
  • EEPROM event logging capability for troubleshooting diagnostics
  • RS232 port for laptop or other computer peripheral connection and RS485 connection for Master/Slave systems
The Smart Touch Controller’s and Smart DC Controller’s RS485 2-way communication bus allows maximum security system integration. Its ability to communicate between the operator and any remote system enables users to define automated activation of security equipment (security cameras, alarms, etc.) in response to specific reported incidents.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

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