ICS Concrete Cutting Chainsaws

Product Overview


Product Overview

ICS, Blount Inc. invented Diamond Chain Technology DCT™ for cutting concrete, and is a leading designer, manufacturer and seller of concrete saws, diamond chains and a full range of construction related products and specialty accessories.

Product Description, Applications
ICS concrete cutting chainsaws are specifically designed for use in a variety of construction applications, including:

  • General construction - Foundations; concrete pipe; electrical box openings; ventilation openings; expansion joints; vents; curb cut-outs; seismic retrofits
  • Utility construction - Pipe taps; trimming manholes to grade; utility vaults; small openings; concrete removal
  • Landscape construction - Miter, angle and arc cuts; natural stone water features and fountains; notching stones to create water channels; tight-fitting stone and rock walls; hardscapes and faux rocks; dry stack walls and features
  • Masonry construction - Windows; door openings; expansion joints; masonry repairs; crawl space access; scupper holes; beam pockets; brick wall remodeling

ICS concrete cutting chainsaws cut joints cleanly and smoothly to a constant and equal depth and in a continuous consistent line without over-cutting. Over-cutting can weaken or compromise a structure, thereby requiring additional work and expense to correct. Use of ICS products can save time and expense while helping to meet a variety of specific application and building code requirements.

The ICS concrete cutting chainsaw product line consists of 3 gas saw packages, 3 hydraulic saw packages and a variety of components and accessories. ICS saws can cut square corners without over-cutting and are versatile and easy to use, delivering safe, wet-cut operation without kickback or hazardous dust.

Features, Advantages

  • Deep cuts to 30" (762 mm) without over-cutting
  • Fast-cutting, providing labor and time savings
  • Cuts perfect square corners and small holes to 3.5" x 3.5" (89 x 89 mm) and deep cuts to 30" (762 mm)
  • Lightweight for portability and easy operation in tight spaces
  • Steerable, with multi-material chains to cut brick, block, concrete and synthetic materials and to cut arcs on stone and pavers
  • No rotational kickback or inertia as with wood saws and circular cut-off saws
  • Wet-cut process prevents dust or silica ingestion


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