KBI Flexi®-Pave


Product Overview

Created from recycled tires, KBI Flexi®-Pave is a true “green” product, providing a permeable surface for a variety of paving applications while helping to solve environmental and economic concerns associated with the disposal of worn tires across the globe.

Designed for use in a multitude of low speed (25 mph) vehicular applications, KBI Flexi®-Pave is composed of aggregate rock, a proprietary urethane binder and thousands of 3/8" rubber granules made from recycled steel-belted radial (SBR) tires. The binding agent penetrates to deliver an immense grip while the rubber granules offer flexibility. This combination provides enormous resistance to subsurface movement and separation.

Non-toxic and resistant to chlorine, ozone, bromine, muriatic acid, salt water, oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid, KBI Flexi®-Pave is mixed on-site and can be installed over a variety of materials, including concrete and compacted aggregate. In addition, freeze-thaw conditions do not interfere with the mechanical strength of the product due to the elastic properties of the urethane and the compression capabilities of the rubber. Finally, the product’s “open-pore” properties enable rapid evacuation of water through its thickness, helping to reduce the need for storm water retention. These characteristics, along with the impact absorption to withstand 30-ton vehicles, make KBI Flexi®-Pave an ideal permeable paving surface for courtyards, driveways, parking lots and golf cart paths.

Features, Benefits:

  • Offered in 2”, 1.5” and 1” formulations (HD 2000, HD 1500 and HD 1000)
  • Permeable surface evacuates approximately 2,500 gallons psf/hour, allowing groundwater recharge
  • Provides light heat in northern winter conditions, helping to eliminate costly plowing and chemical costs
  • Elastic properties prevent product from cracking
  • Resistant to UV degradation and does not require resealing
  • Non-flammable; tested in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16 CFR 1500.44)
  • Cures in 24 hours under normal conditions
  • Diverts and recycles millions of tires that would otherwise end up as hazardous material in landfills
  • Offered in an assortment of color coordinated or natural options; heated surface options also available

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