Liebert Rack PDUs

Product Overview


Product Overview

Liebert technologies support efficient and flexible power distribution from the UPS to critical equipment, including room, row and in-rack power distribution. Emerson Network Power offers a full line of power distribution units and power distribution products to shield critical loads from external disturbances.


Emerson Network Power offers a family of rack-based power distribution units to effectively distribute data center power to networks and electronics within rack environments.

  • LIEBERT MPX Adaptive Rack PDU - A modular PDU with a selection of AC power input modules and hot-swappable power modules for custom configurations. LIEBERT MPX offers remote monitoring and control to the receptacle level, as well as environmental input option monitoring, such as rack temperature and humidity. A modular communications card allows a variety of monitoring options
  • LIEBERT MPH Managed Rack PDU - A flexible managed rack PDU that offers control to the receptacle level and monitoring of the strip and environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity. LIEBERT MPH has outstanding operating temperatures to ensure availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack
  • KNURR DI Strip Basic Rack PDU - Basic AC power distribution in a robust package. Standard and high-power models are available in a variety of configurations. Slim Form factof and various mounting methods allow them to seamlessly fit into most racks
  • Liebert MB Modular Busway - Provides power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install and is easily expanded with a variety of components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations
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Emerson Network Power manufactures a full line of power distribution systems that protect against electrical line disturbances without the need for back-up.

  • Liebert FPC™ - A rack-sized power conditioning and distribution cabinet that provides high quality, flexible power distribution for high-density data centers. Combining the convenience and cost savings of prepackaged, factory-tested units with the flexibility of a custom-tailored power system, this self-contained system provides power isolation, power distribution, computer-grade grounding and power monitoring
  • Liebert Precision Power Center™ - A power conditioning and distribution cabinet housed in a single, self-contained cabinet. It combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation and power monitoring to meets demands for computer and communications equipment
  • Liebert FDC™ Power Distribution Cabinet - A rack-sized stand-alone cabinet that extends PDU functionality with 168 poles (four complete panelboards). It can be used in conjunction with the Liebert FPC power center to provide expanded panelboard electrical pole connections close to the load
  • Liebert RDC™ - A remote distribution cabinet that packages 168 poles (four complete panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet with a small footprint. It is available in multiple input and output voltages in 60 Hz and 50 Hz models
  • Learn more about Liebert Power Conditioning and Distribution Cabinets


Liebert Transfer Switches allow fast switching between two independent AC power sources, with virtually uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment. When used with redundant AC power sources, the static transfer switch permits maintenance without shutting down critical equipment

  • Liebert Static Transfer Switch 2 (STS2) - A static transfer switch with automatic, seamless transfer between critical load and outputs of two independent UPS systems in a dual-bus power configuration. In the event of a primary UPS failure, the switch automatically transfers loads to the alternate UPS. Liebert (STS2) is available in 100A, 250A, 400A, 600A, 800A and 1000A sizes, 60 Hz or 50 Hz field selectable. Multiple input voltages are available
  • Liebert Static Transfer Switch/Power Distribution (STS2/PDU) - A single, space-saving unit that delivers power distribution and automatic switching between two different AC power sources. It is available in 250A, 400A, 600A and 800A systems, in both 60 Hz and 50 Hz frequencies, and multiple input voltages are available

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