MG Torque Wrench from MG Piping Products Co.

Product Overview


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

MG Piping Products Co. offers a precision torque wrench, the MG Torque Wrench, which allows users to apply an exact torque to bolts within hubless soil pipe coupling installations.

Calibrated and tested before leaving the factory, the MG Torque Wrench meets or exceeds Federal Specifications GGG-W-00686 and has an accuracy of ±4%.

For cast iron soil pipe installations using MG couplings, the MG Torque Wrench can be used to tighten nuts alternately and gradually to 175 inch pounds torque. The specialized wrench applies a torque sufficient to seal without causing damage to the coupling.

Features, Benefits

  • Rugged and durable
  • Simplifies hubless soil pipe applications in the US
  • Presets to required torque
  • Slips easily at preset torque limit
  • Factory preset and sealed to assure appropriate coupling tightness
  • Designed for hand comfort

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