Mortar Deflection Devices

Product Overview


Product Overview

Advanced Building Products is an industry-leading manufacturer of mortar deflection devices, designed to defend masonry structures from moisture migration.

Product Description, Applications

Advanced Building Products offers lab and field tested products, including Mortar Break®, Mortar Break II® and Mortairvent™, to help ensure the performance of well-designed masonry walls.


Mortar Break is a non-absorbent 0.80" (20 mm) thick mesh used to permit proper drainage in masonry walls with a 1" (25.4 mm) to 1 3/4" (44.5 mm) wide cavity. Its polymer core geomatrix design allows moisture to seep through mortar droppings and weep out through cell vents or weep holes. Mortar Break resists acid and alkali, and can be used for all flashing locations, including cavity, composite, single wythe and veneer applications.


Mortar Break II is a high density polypropylene mesh, 1.5" (38 mm) thick, designed for all flashing locations, including composite, single wythe and veneer applications. Used for cavities 2" (51 mm) or wider, Mortar Break II directs moisture through the mesh and out through weep vents for outstanding performance against moisture buildup.


The Mortairvent system creates a ventilation cavity between the vapor barrier and exterior wall. Used behind manufactured stone, stucco, brick and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), this mortar deflection and ventilation mat creates pressure-equalized airspace between the structural envelope and exterior cladding. A 2-ply system, Mortairvent is comprised of a polymer core mesh to create airspace and a filter fabric to block mortar droppings and permit moisture drainage. Mortairvent is available in 0.24" (6 mm) and 0.4" (10 mm) thicknesses.

Features, Benefits

  • Prevents mortar droppings from bridging the cavity
  • Deflects mortar droppings from weep holes
  • Creates a drainage plane that allows moisture to drain through weep vents
  • Reduces the threat of toxic mold through a combination of drainage and ventilation
  • Fabricated of 40% recycled materials to contribute to LEED certification
  • Easy and economical to install

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

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