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Modernfold partions provide a wide variety of space and design options, from easily set up operable partition panels and accordion doors to elegant, yet functional moveable glass systems.

Operable partitions provide the ultimate flexibility by allowing room size to change for each event. Rooms can be partitioned with minimal effort and time, and designed and utilized in a variety of ways. Acousti-Seal® operable partitions are manufactured to meet a wide range of requirements, from varying acoustical and fire ratings to method of operation, from manual and single partition panels to electric and hinged partition systems.

Acousti-Seal partition systems include:

  • Single Panel System - Manually operated partition systems ideal for use in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality and convention facilities. The Acousti-Seal 911 single panels are fire-rated, while the Ultra-Seal operable partition provides a higher acoustic rating. The Smart Track™ suspension system can be utilized with Acousti-Seal’s single panel partitions, allowing additional ease of set up and storage. For CAD drawings, click here
  • Paired Panel System - These partitions are hinged together in groups of two for quick and easy setup. Manually operated, they are available in top-supported or floor-supported configurations, and the panels can be stored at either or both ends of an opening. Paired panels are ideal for applications that require extra durability and frequent use, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and office spaces. For CAD drawings, click here
  • Continuously Hinged Panel System - Available in either manual or electric operation systems. Continously hinged panels are connected together in a train and extend as one complete unit. These partitions are idea for use in school gyms, classrooms, hotels and board rooms. Keyed switches provide safety and prevent unauthorized operation. The panels also feature acoustic bottom seals that are set automatically when the partition is fully extended. For CAD drawings, click here

Standard moveable glass wall systems from Modernfold are ideal for applications where elegance and appearance is desired, such as corporate, retail and entertainment projects. Moveable glass wall systems work with DORMA Glas technology for a variety of visual and performance options.

Options include:

  • Finishes of clear anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or bronze cladding with a satin or polished finish
  • Sliding panel closure or a pivot panel closure
  • Top and bottom door rails
  • MOVEO Glass, which is moveable glass wall with proven sound insulation
  • Built in, automatic venetian blinds available

Accordion doors and partitions provide easily operated space division that has moderate sound attenuation with a pleasing visual appearance. A simple pull-and-latch operation comes standard, with electric operation as an option on many models. Single or paired openings are available, and curved track allows extra design flexibility.

Modernfold offers two lines of accordion partitions:

  • Soundmaster Accordion Partition - Provides moderate sound control with an acoustical rating of 39 STC. A rugged inner sound control liners provide moderate speech privacy, with construction of heavy gauge steel laminated to a flame retardant, treated acoustical membrane. They also feature paired top and bottom sweeps of heavy vinyl. Manual or electric operation
  • Modernfold Accordion Doors - An economical, yet long-lasting choice for basic sight and sound separation. The doors are durable, with replacable outer coverings and rugged steel frame construction, welded to true hoizontal pantographs hinging top and bottom. A wide selection of finish options is available to complement or coordinate with any interior

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