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The Seton product line includes an extensive range of products for plumbing applications, including self-adhesive pipe markers, snap-on pipe markers, high performance pipe markers in ANSI designated colors, valve tags and markers designed to meet ASME requirements.

Opti-Code™ Pipe Markers
Opti-Code Pipe Markers are durable, pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive vinyl with a selection of wording, lettering, color and language. Ideal for dry, clean indoor pipes, they meet ASME A13.1 standards and are suited for ammonia, semiconductor, chemical and medical gas pipes within commercial and industrial applications.

Roll Form Pipe Markers
Economical and reliable, Seton Roll Form Markers are self-adhesive vinyl with a clear laminate that protects lettering against chemicals and weathering. Perforated arrows can be removed and reversed to indicate the pipe flow direction. Seton Roll Form Markers are ideal for large and small pipe marking jobs with unknown pipe diameters.

Poly-Code™ Pipe Markers
Poly-Code Pipe Markers are thick polyester pipe markers coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive. These self-adhesive markers have a clear background and white or black lettering to identify pipe contents.

Arrows-On-A-Roll Tape
Arrows-On-A-Roll is a durable, pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive vinyl banding tape that marks the direction of flow for pipe contents.

Setmark® Pipe Markers
Designed for surfaces that will not support self-adhesive labels, Setmark Pipe Markers snap in place without adhesive. They are ideal for indoor pipes that are are dirty or oily or that have rough surfaces. Standard markers are designed to ASME (ANSI) standards.

Ultra-mark® Pipe Markers
Ideal for harsh environments and outdoor pipe identification, Ultra-mark polyester markers are engineered to resist abrasion, outdoor environments and extreme temperatures. They are available with unique safety symbols, NFPA hazard ratings and bar codes and include arrows for flow direction.

Valve Tags
Seton offers brass, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, plastic and fiberglass tags for valve identification. The tags can be blank, prenumbered with industry-recognized abbreviations or can be custom designed to identify a specific valve location or function. Brass tags, suited for harsh environments, are designed of solid 19 gauge brass in a variety of shapes and colors. Aluminum and stainless steel tags, suited for high temperature applications, can be blank or can have stock or customized messages. Photoluminescent tags to provide visibility in emergency blackout siturations, fire sprinkler tags and indicator tags are also available.

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