PondGard™ EPDM for Geosynthetics for Earthwork from Firestone Specialty Products

Product Overview


Product Overview

PondGard™ EPDM and MultiLiner RPP Membranes from Firestone Specialty Products are engineered to provide safe, dependable performance in a variety of containment applications, including ponds and reservoirs.

Product Description, Applications

Firestone PondGard EPDM geomembrane utilizes EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)synthetic rubber to provide a highly flexible and stable waterproofing membrane. It can be shaped to fit complex contours of any size pond or landscape feature, and requires little maintenance. PondGard is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, ozone and other potentially harmful environmental conditions, and so has a long life. Fish, plant and wildlife friendly, it is ideal for applications ranging from backyard decorative ponds to potable water reservoirs and constructed wetlands.

Features and advantages include:

  • Easy to install
  • Flexible in a variety of temperatures
  • Can elongate over 300%
  • Outstanding resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ozone
  • Contains no plasticizers that can migrate and lead to premature membrane failure
  • Can be used safely in the presence of fish and plant life

MultiLiner RPP (reinforced polypropylene) is a membrane based on a UV-stabilized polypropylene copolymer, which does not require either polymeric or liquid plasticizers to maintain flexibility. It possesses outstanding dimensional stability, low expansion and contraction, chemical resistance and UV stability, without stress cracking.

MultiLiner RPP utilizes the physical properties of polypropylene and enhances them by inserting a strong, polyester scrim. The scrim is encapsulated between the polypropylene-based top and bottom plies. The combination of the fabric and polypropylene provides an extremely high breaking/tearing strength and puncture resistance.

Ideal applications include agricultural pits and ponds, animal drinking water tanks & ponds, decorative ponds, municipal reservoirs and potable water reservoirs.

Features and advantages include:

  • Puncture resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Heat welded seams provide superior seam strength
  • Excellent elongation properties
  • Resistance to UV, oxidation, & ozone

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