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Product Overview

With solar control and a wide array of tints, PPG glasses offer the freedom to design buildings that are both beautiful and energy efficient.

Product Description, Applications

PPG's entire line of high performance architectural glasses is Cradle to Cradle Certified, which signifies PPG's commitment to environmental stewardship and the development of sustainable products. No matter what type of architectural glass is needed for a project - from the Solarban® line of solar control, low-e glasses to the Oceans of Color® collection of tinted glasses, PPG offers limitless options that are aesthetically appealing, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Solarban 70XL solar control low-e glass combines the appearance of transparent glass with an unprecedented combination of solar control and visible light transmittance to deliver an industry-leading light to solar gain (LSG) ratio of 2.37.


Solarban 60 solar control low-e glass has an exterior appearance similar to clear, uncoated glass. It blocks 62% of the sun's heat energy while allowing 70% of its natural light to pass through.


Solarban z50 solar control low-e glass has a stylish, steely blue-gray exterior appearance with minimal exterior reflectance. Blocking up to 70% of total solar energy, it achieves LSG ratios that are up to 30% better than similarly tinted architectural glasses.


Solarban 80 solar control low-e glass, traditionally applied to clear glass with a clear interior lite, is now available as a coating on Optiblue glass. Solarban 80 Optiblue glass delivers three new looks that range from subtle green-gray to deep-blue titanium with LSG ratios of 1.23 to 1.98.


Sungate 500 low-e glass, one of the industry's most trusted and proven products, has the appearance of clear uncoated glass. It transmits as much as 94% of visible light and has an impressive winter U-value of 27%.

Solarban solar control low-e and Sungate 500 low-e glasses can be combined with tinys from Oceans of Color or the Earth and Sky collections to provide a wide range of aesthetic and environmental performance options.


Vistacool subtly reflective, color-enriched glasses feature a vivid array of tones that provide exceptional levels of visible light transmittance and glare control.


Oceans of Color tinted glasses - including Atlantica, Azuria, Caribia, Pacifica and Solexia glasses - provide excellent solar control in a versatile collection of ocean-inspired tints.


Earth and Sky Performance Tints range from the cool, light gray color of Solargray glass to the warm copper tones of Solarbronze glass. Optigray 23, Graylight and Solarblue glasses round out the collection.


Starphire glass is the ultimate achievement in ultra-clear glass technology. When conventional clear glass is laminated into multiple layers or specified in increasing thicknesses, its appearance becomes progressively greener. The opposite occurs with Starphire glass, which maintains its color and clarity as the glass gets thicker.


Solarcool glasses feature a traditional reflective aesthetic that adds a dimension of brilliance to ocean- and earth-inspred tints by PPG.

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