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Reduce hand drying costs by 98% and environmental impact by 85% with the cleanest, quietest, and most energy-efficient hand dryer, the Jet Towel by Mitsubishi. Developed in 1992 as an answer to slow and ineffective hand dryers, the Jet Towel uses two jets of air to wipe water from hands in only 10 seconds, finally providing an answer to wasteful and costly paper towels.

Both LEED and Greenspec have recognized the Jet Towel’s ability to improve the sustainability of any building that incorporates this technology. The combined benefits – both the budgets and the environment – of the Jet towel was a primary factor for its inclusion in the California academy of Sciences, the fist LEED Platinum museum in the U.S.A. Our online calculator shows how one Jet Towel can replace 1,800 pounds of waste paper and save $1,700 annually.

Mitsubishi was not satisfied with simply solving the hand dryer dilemma, however. Every Jet Towel produced to date has featured Mitsubishi’s unique water containment system, making sure that water is not removed from hands only to spill over the floor. By ensuring that water does not end up running down the wall or pooling on the floor, the Jet Towel keeps a clean, presentable restroom throughout the day, avoiding an ugly restroom environment, potential water hazards, and the potential cost of replacing damaged walls. The drain tank requires less than a minute to clean and holds 800 uses worth of water.

Since setting the current standard for high speed hand dryers, the Jet Towel still leads the industry, with Mitsubishi’s continuous product development crafting a hand dryer that leads the field in the follow are as:

  • Most energy-efficient at 1060 watts, or 2.9 watts per dry
  • Quietest, measured at 64 dB from 1 meter away
  • Longest lasting, with a motor rated for 3,600 hours
  • Cleanest (drain tank
  • UL listed
  • ADA compliant at standard mounting height
  • Instantly warm 85˚ air
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Modular design

Click here to find out more about how the Jet Towel works and the benefits that it provides to any restroom.


  1. Product Brochure
  2. Specifications
  3. Jet Towel ROI & Savings Template
  4. 3D CAD Files
  5. Case Study with the California Academy of Sciences
  6. ADA Clearances
  7. Installation Manual

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