MASA Architectural Canopies Products

Product Overview

Product Overview

MASA Architectural Canopies represents a new approach to the pre-engineered building components market; a complete partner. MASA will be with you through the process of specifying, designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing each of our products. Over two decades of experience assures you that the same great idea that you start with will be realized. Our products exceed industry standards in quality, precision, and design and will make an excellent compliment to your building project.

Extrudeck® series

Extrudeck's® unique "J channel" water runoff system makes this a functional yet attractive choice for any building. Its lightweight design provides protection from the elements and its easy hanger capability makes installation a snap. Features and Benefits include:

  • A unique built-in drainage system
  • Superior durability and lightweight design
  • A variety of mounting options: hanger rod, cantilever, post mount
  • Pre-engineered designs
  • A wide selection of fascia profiles to complement any design
  • Modular design and construction
  • Weather protection
  • Adjustable pitch
  • "Floating" internal structure

Ecoshade® series

Ecoshade® is an effective way to control the sun, reduce demand on your HVAC system and look good while doing it. Ecoshade® is available as a plate outrigger or framed system to meet the needs of any architectural application. Features and Benefits include:

  • A wide selection of outriggers and infills
  • A great curtain wall shading solution
  • Simple lines with bold edges
  • Modern accents to complement any design
  • Modular design and construction
  • Mechanically fastened infill and airfoils
  • Reduces solar impact
  • Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into building
  • Reduces demand on HVAC systems
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Excellent durability and support

Imagination® series

Imagination® is a custom canopy system with your choice of curving surfaces, freestanding foundations, flat panels and more - assembled in any combination you desire. You can showcase your "brand" signature with this in-house designed and built canopy system. Features and Benefits include:

  • Free-form design opportunities
  • Options to visually brand your company or building through color and shape
  • Custom designs to match other building elements
  • Capabilities to create a lasting focal point

MASA Architectural Canopies Ecoshade® and Extrudeck® systems can help you achieve LEED credits.

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