HYDROPACK®, Green Roof Optimal Stormwater Management

Product Overview

HYDROPACK®, the patented, innovative tray system for green roofs, is one the best solutions for creating a living, breathing green roof and the optimal storm water management tool. With more than 5 million square feet installed on over 1,500 rooftops, HYDROPACK® is one of the most widely used tray systems in existence.


  • Has been proven in many climates
  • Is easy to install, going down like pavers quickly and efficiently
  • Is the only “All-in-one” system that includes vegetation, growing medium, filter fabric, mineral drainage and water reservoirs
  • Can be ordered with as little as two weeks’ notices for any size order – we always have acres of pre-grown trays available
  • Yields tremendous energy savings – a 30% to 60 % savings in cooling and heating costs alone
  • Is a Best Practice for managing storm water, it can store more than 1'' of rain

PROVEN in many climates

Patented in 2000, HYDROPACK® was the first green roof tray system to be launched in Europe.

HYDROPACK® has widely proven its performance across a wide range of climate: Mediterranean, humid subtropical, humid continental, semiarid steppe, marine west coast...

Easy To install

HYDROPACK® can be installed on any waterproofing membrane by anybody and on any slope. Onsite technical support is provided free of charge for each project.

HYDROPACK® is delivered with a single source warranty from waterproofing manufacturers.

Order only 2 weeks ahead! We have a continuous stock of HYDROPACK® standard plant mix.

Find more installation advantages to save time and money.

"All in One" tray

HYDROPACK® is the only green roof module designed with all the essential layers of a successful green roof system.

It incorporates a strong interlocking system that mitigates wind uplift; the vegetation is fully grown the day of the installation; the growing media is FLL compliant; a filter fabric retains the growth media within the tray to limit soil erosion, drainage holes have a clearance above the membrane to limit stagnant water from coming back into the tray if the roof slope is < 2%, mineral drainage are placed at the bottom of the tray to provide anchoring for the roots; optimal water reserves are designed to increase the drought tolerance of the plants.

Stormwater management

HYDROPACK® is part of the Best Management Practices for Stormwater runoff mitigation. Thanks to its water reservoirs and innovative design, HYDROPACK® retains an optimal volume of Stormwater and significantly decreases runoff. Our research show that compared to some 4” built-up systems, HYDROPACK® retains a great deal more water. We can provide you runoff data using HYDROPACK® RUNOFF TOOL developed in partnership with universities. HYDROPACK® can retain up to 100% of precipitation depending on the amount of water and the previous rain events.

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