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System 3 Aluminum Soffit keeps projects looking beautiful decade after decade with virtually no maintenance.

Product Details

Keep dangerous hot air out of attics in the summer and damaging moisture out during the winter months. Rollex System 3 soffit is perfectly vented to promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keeping attics cool and dry. Optimal ventilation can be strategically controlled by alternating solid and vented panels. Rollex products are made in the USA using materials sourced within 500 miles of our Elk Grove Village, IL facility and are backed by an industry best warranty including chalk and fade coverage.

A difference you can see
  • Guaranteed not to crack, fade or peel
  • Never needs painting
  • Maintains beautiful finish for decades
  • Made from approximately 80% post consumer and 20% pre consumer recycled aluminum
  • Deep channels for perfect, secure installation
  • Longer ventilation slots for better circulation
  • Easy to handle panels

Architectural Specifications
System 3 Brochure
Limited, Lifetime Warranty

Stealth Soffit

Now you can experience the ideal marriage of form and function in a discretely vented soffit that retains its beauty for decades. The Stealth Soffit system employs an intelligent design to produce a smooth surface, free of visible venting. Beneath its handsome exterior, its dynamic hidden ventilation solution promotes continuous airflow to keep attics cool and dry.

Stealth Soffit
  • Prevents premature aging of roof system
  • Clean, smooth look with hidden vents
  • Provides optimum airflow
  • Made from approximately 80% post consumer and 20% pre consumer recycled aluminum
  • Guaranteed not to crack, fade or peel
  • Never needs painting
  • Maintains beautiful finish for decades
  • Easy to handle panels

Architectural Specifications
Stealth Soffit Brochure
Limited, Lifetime Warranty

Steel Siding

Rollex Steel Siding is a maintenance-free, fade resistant, environmentally friendly exterior siding option that delivers a flawless exterior season after season. As one of the most durable siding options on the market, Rollex Steel Siding is second to none against inclement weather conditions and ease of installation. Plus, Rollex Steel Siding comes with a guarantee of high standards and low environmental impact.

  • Rust, chip, buckle and warp-proof
  • Guaranteed not to crack, fade or peel
  • Dent and scratch resistant with a 4-mil thick, oven-fused, PVC finish
  • Withstands Category 5 Hurricane winds over 155 mph
  • Tight, clean seams
  • Firm, rigid panels lay flush against exterior to hide imperfections in the wall
  • Extensive color options

Architectural Specifications
Steel Siding Sell Sheet
Limited, Lifetime Warranty

Insulated Steel Siding

Thermal-Pro insulated steel siding, the industry’s first siding panel of its kind, combines the strength, beauty and durability of Rollex Steel Siding with the insulating benefits of foam to deliver the ultimate exterior siding product in the market. Thermal Pro wraps the home in a beautifully appealing thermal blanket that will perform for decades.

This groundbreaking product was also recently named one of the top 3 Favorite products by BUILDER magazine.

Available only from Rollex, Thermal-Pro insulated steel siding provides:
  • Solid foam insulates home from outside noise, heat and cold while furthering impact resistance
  • Tighter, cleaner looking seams than vinyl or fiber cement
  • Never needs painting; will not fade, crack, chip, flake or peel
  • Rot, Mold, Moisture and Mildew proof with built-in Preventolâ„¢ Systemic Insecticide; safe for homeowners and installers
  • Available in colors and profiles to suit all building types
  • Rollex No-Nonsense Lifetime Warranty

Architectural Specifications
Thermal-Pro Brochure
Limited, Lifetime Warranty


Made from durable, heavy gauge aluminum, Rollex gutters are engineered to withstand the weight of leaves, debris, ice and snow without bending, leaking, or sagging. Most importantly, gutters channel the elements away from doorways and windows and eliminate water from splashing on siding and pooling around foundations.

These high quality products have a baked-on finish inside and out so they require no painting and will not rust or rot.

Architectural Specifications
Limited, Lifetime Warranty

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