SNOBAR Roof Snow Guards

Product Overview

Original SNOBAR System

This patented system prevents snow and ice from sliding off of metal roofs, thus protecting people and vehicles, as well as preventing large accumulations at entrances, driveways and lower roof areas. Other applications are the protection of gutters, stacks, skylights, equipment, and expensive landscaping.

The unique design incorporates a clamp that fits 95% of the architectural and structural standing seams on the market. The system consists of a 12 gauge stainless steel clamp which holds a either a 16 gauge 1"x 1" stainless steel bar or a 16 gauge galvanized bar can be painted to match the roof. The optional Ice Stoppers that hang from the bar in the center of the panel can also be used to prevent ice from sliding under the bar on high structural seams or over entryways where more protection is needed. This very rigid system transfers the load evenly to each roof panel.

  • No roof penetration
  • No adhesives
  • System can be painted to match the roof color
  • Can be used on most standing seam roofs

Original SNOBAR System with ColorBar

An extruded aluminum bar that accepts a color strip to match the roof can be used in place of the Original SNOBAR's stainless steel bar.

  • Faster lead times
  • Stronger system
  • Accepts a color strip to match roof
  • Extruded aluminum bar
  • We offer color strips

Roof Clamp System for either Original SNOBAR or ColorBar systems

These patented clamps enable the Original SNOBAR or ColorBar systems to be installed onto roofs with bulb or T-shaped standing seams.

  • Fits most bulb and T-shaped standing seam roofs
  • One-piece clamp for installation ease
  • No roof penetrations
  • Works with angled eaves
  • Patented Roof Clamps to be used with ColorBar or Orginal SNOBAR systems
  • All aluminum components

Large ColorBracket System with SNOBAR

For exposed, fastened roof panels that fits even Grand Rib III roof panels

  • Fits most exposed fastened metal roofs
  • System can be painted to match the roof color
  • ColorBracket can accept color strip on face to match roof
  • Designed to help prevent snow and ice from sliding under the bar

Large ColorBracket System with ColorBar

  • All aluminum components
  • Stronger system
  • Accepts a color strip to match roof
  • Optional ice stoppers not required on this system
  • Six-hole pattern for different applications

Small ColorBracket System

  • System consisting of aluminum small ColorBracket and 16 gauge 1" x 1" bar or aluminum ColorBar
  • Fits most S-shaped exposed fastened metal roof
  • System can be painted to match the roof color
  • Low profile
  • Mounts on high rib allowing better water drainage

Shingle SNOBAR System

  • System consisting of large ColorBracket and 16-gauge bar or aluminum ColorBar
  • Works with most types of shingles
  • System can be painted to match the roof color
  • Low profile
  • For new construction or can be retrofitted for existing construction

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