Rainstore³ (RS³) Subsurface Water Storage System


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

Rainstore³ is a patented subsurface water storage system used for detention, retention or water harvesting. Its unique ring-and-grid design offers outstanding compressive strength performance involving deep soil installation while providing excellent stacking and structural capabilities. When placed side by side in an excavated void and the entire structure is encased in a geotextile filter fabric or geomembrance, Rainstore³ creates a variety of water storage structures. A strong impermeable chamber liner prevents evaporation and contamination.

Features, Advantages

  • Highly efficient excavated volume
  • Economical installation
  • Modular for improved design flexibility
  • Safety, strength and exceptional longevity
  • Eliminates site restrictions by conforming to custom project requirements
  • Large surface area for rapid storage exfiltration
  • Prevents non-point source pollution

Properties, Performance

Rainstore³ withstands repeated freeze/thaw cycles, will not rust, break down, or crack and is not affected by chemicals, extremes of pH, oils, salts or fertilizers.

Construction, Materials, Finishes

Rainstore³ is a structure of thin walled, cylindrical, recycled, resin columns of high impact polypropylene plastic for strength, durability and green industry benefit. Cylinders are 4" (102 mm) tall and 4 1/2" (114 mm) apart. T-beams connect the cylinders and resist external lateral soil/water pressure. Compression fittings between layers create a rigid structure for ease of transport and installation.
Four archway openings in the bottom of each cylinder allow water to move freely throughout assembled columns. Side bumpers provide foolproof, accurate spacing. A level, compacted gravel base will ensure proper alignment.

Capabilities, Services

Invisible Structures, Inc., offers extensive technical support to the specifier, including downloadable AutoCAD design details.

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