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Product Overview


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications
Delta Faucet Company is a worldwide leader in faucets, delivering high performance faucets and related kitchen and bath accessories with a unique combination of stylish looks, technology, excellent quality and reliable performance.

Delta’s complete suite of bath, kitchen, bar and laundry room faucets, includes the following featured collections:

  • The Grail Collection features minimalist styling and sleek lines for a feel of urban space. Grail Single Handle and Pull-Down faucets are ideal for kitchen use. Bath, tub and shower models, with matching accessories, are also available
  • The Botanical Collection features mix and match spouts and handles, with six interchangeable color accents
  • The Michael Graves Collection is an elegant and functional collection by the renowned designer

Single handle faucets allow water flow and temperature adjustment with one hand, making them ideal for kitchen and shower use. Delta offers an extensive selection of single handed faucets, with choice of spouts, finishes and options such as sprayers, soap dispensers and matching bath accessories.

With independent hot and cold controls, two handle faucets provide the precise temperature adjustment typically desired for bathroom sinks. Delta offers a wide selection of spout designs, with handles available in a variety of styles and finishes, as well as numerous lever, knob, and cross handle options.

Delta offers a complete line of pull-out and pull down faucets in styles and finishes to fit any kitchen, bar or laundry room decor. These practical devices provide all-in-one faucet and sprayer capabilities and snap into place when not in use. Pivoting Aerators are available to switch water from spray to stream with a simple twist.

Delta offers a range of accessories, including kitchen stoppers, soap and lotion dispensers, towel bars and sprayers, to provide finishing touches to kitchen, bath or bar/laundry decor.

Features, Advantages

  • Proprietary Delta Brilliance® finish fights tarnish, corrosion and discoloration
  • Quick Snap® technology makes installation as easy and foolproof as possible, without tools or tape
  • Rigorous testing helps ensure exceptional leak proof performance, quality and value
  • Delta Brilliance® finishes are guaranteed not to tarnish
  • Exceptionally well made products add convenience and style to enhance water performance
  • Electronic faucet option provides hands-free convenience and helps conserve water.

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Faucet 582 J DeltaFaucet Faucet 3586 DeltaFaucet
Faucet 3585 DeltaFaucet Faucet 3582 SS DeltaFaucet
Faucet 185 DeltaFaucet Faucet 582 WF DeltaFaucet
Faucet 585 V DeltaFaucet Faucet 585 DeltaFaucet
Faucet T4786 DeltaFaucet

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