Silentspace Acoustical Wall Panels


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications
ESSI Silentspace® Wall Panels solve both interior acoustical and aesthetic needs. Wall panels are available in a wide variety of standard in stock and custom shapes, sizes, finishes, graphics, edges, core construction, mountings and performance features.

Wall panels can be flat, curved or irregular. Almost any edge detail and fabric or vinyl finish are available. Panels are used in full or partial wall layouts or as spot strips and panels.

Features, Advantages

  • Acoustic Control—excellent acoustical properties effectively reduce interior noise level. Adds quiet luxury to interiors where people or mechanical noise disturbs comfort, conversation, privacy, concentration and productivity
  • Appearance—provides a neat and/or dramatic finished appearance. Provides infinite decor and visual possibilities with optional coverings, wood trims, textures and decor/signage graphics
  • Energy conservation—superb fiberglass thermal efficiency properties result in lower heating/cooling and operating costs. Ideal for retrofit perimeter wall applications
  • Low cost installation—lightweight and easy to handle; factory finished but field cuttable; results in faster, lower field installation time and costs; usually permits major interior transformation without expensive altering of building structure or mechanicals; nonwarping and nonshrinking panel cores are dimensionally inert (not subject to rotting and mildew)—applicable for either permanent or movable type installation
  • Cost effective—lower material and installation labor costs combined with relatively short order lead times result in a true cost-effective alternative to other decorative interior wall finishes

Construction, Materials, Finishes
ESSI Silentspace Wall Panels use rigid fiberglass as primary, nonflammable core material. The greater the thickness, the higher the acoustical absorption (NRC rating). Core material options include 1/8" (3.2 mm) tackable surface providing additional impact resistance and surface usage. Wall panels are covered with fabric or vinyl facing bonded directly to the core face. A chemically hardened fiberglass edge is standard. ESSI Wall Panels are available with a galvanized steel frame edge for non-warping and added strength and durability.

ESSI Wall Panels may be covered with virtually any upholstery-weight fabric or vinyl. Added customizing may be applied to wallcoverings for decor and signage. Consult ESSI on factory applied silk-screened custom graphics.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadMANU-SPEC 3-Part Specifications

ESSI_09 84 33_Silentspace

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

ESSI_09 84 33_Silentspace
ESSI_09 84 33_Silentspace

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