TAPER-LOC Dry Glaze Railing System from C. R. Laurence

Product Overview


Product Overview

The glass railing system installation process just got easier with CRL’s innovative TAPER-LOC™ design (patent pending). Taper-Loc is easy to work with because the unique design allows the right pressure to be applied to lock it in place, securing the glass in the aluminum base shoe without the use of messy cement. Installation time is reduced by up to 50% while still exceeding code standards.

Product Description, Applications

    CRL Aluminum Base Shoe is used as the base channel for glass railing systems. It can be clad in six choices of architectural finishes. The most critical component in a railing system is the proper attachment of the Aluminum Base Shoe to the substrate. CRL has engineered and tested a variety of attachment methods, and has developed an acceptable combination of drilling patterns and fasteners. A printed brochure with instructions, installation hints, cleaning and refinishing techniques is available.

    CRL’s TAPER-LOC System is available for both monolithic tempered glass and laminated tempered glass applications. Tapers are made of high strength reinforced nylon that expands in thickness when compressed together with CRL’s TLK5 Installation/Removal Tool, mechanically locking the glass panel into the base shoe. The Installation/Removal Tool will also loosen the tapers for glass panel alignment, or replacement, by moving them apart from one another.

Features, Advantages

  • Saves over 50% in labor alone versus the wet glaze cement pour method
  • Supports all mounting methods with one compact Installation/Removal Tool
  • Precision measured control gives high quality installs every time
  • Installs from the floor side of the installation
  • Glass panels can be locked, loosened, adjusted and even replaced

Designers can choose from 6 standard base shoe claddings or custom painted finishes are available.

The TAPER-LOC Dry Glaze System not only self-centers the glass, but plumbs it as well, and is all done from the floor side of the railing. For more information and complete installation instructions, click here.

For more information, see the CRL HR11 Architectural Railing Systems Catalog.

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