The Pilkington Family of Glass Products

Product Overview


Product Overview

Because all of Pilkington’s coated products are true pyrolytics, the aesthetic and performance properties are an integral part of the surface of the glass itself, and not just a coating. This means that these Pilkington products can be stored, handled, cut, fabricated, tempered, heat-strengthened, laminated and even bent just like ordinary glass but without ever sacrificing the consistent aesthetics that only a pyrolytic product can give.

In addition to the advanced-technology pyrolytics, Pilkington offers a selection of both tints and high-performance tinted glasses that can all be combined with an inboard lite of any of Pilkington Low-E glass products to create an almost limitless range of aesthetic and performance options. Browse the Pilkington Product Directory for specific product information.

Product Description, Applications

  • Pilkington OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass – While clear glass reflects 8% of visible light, Pilkington OptiView™ Glass reflects less than 2%. This allows viewers to clearly see object(s) through the glass without looking at a reflection
  • Pilkington Pyrostop® Fire-Resistant Glass and Pilkington Pyrodur® Fire-Protection Glass – Specifically designed to provide high levels of fire protection while offering a full range of properties traditionally associated with glass: primarily natural lighting and transparency, along with options to maximize solar control, reduce building heat loss and to provide decoration, impact safety, security protection and acoustic insulation
  • Pilkington Optiwhite™ Low Iron Glass – A near colorless appearance makes this glass ideal for showroom and furniture applications, such as tabletops, and for use with ceramic decorations. This product is also specially engineered for such demanding uses as photovoltaic modules and solar collectors
  • Pilkington Texture™ Glass – A rolled, patterned glass, Pilkington Texture™ Glass is available in more than 25 traditional and contemporary pattern designs, with various levels of visual obscuration, for use in interior and exterior applications
  • Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ Low-E Glass – The world’s first pyrolytic Low-E glass, combining solar control and low emissivity with high visible light transmittance and glare control. Add to this the properties of subtle reflectivity and crisp, consistent color, and this product makes an excellent choice for today’s contemporary designs
  • Pilkington Energy Advantage™ Low-E Glass – Offers excellent thermal performance with a color-neutral appearance. By allowing much of the direct solar heat gain through the glazing, this "passive solar" product is the ideal choice for residential and commercial applications that have a heating dominated HVAC load
  • Pilkington Solar-E™ Solar Control Low-E Glass – Offers both solar and thermal performance in a single, practical solution
  • Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass – The world’s first solar-powered glass that uses energy from the sun, in combination with water, to destroy and wash away dirt and grime

Glass plays an important role in building design, LEED certification and the environment. The selection of the right glass is a crucial component in the design process. Comparing different glass and glazing options, as well as calculating performance data of both single and double glazed units is a necessity. Pilkington’s Technical Department is available to answer any questions concerning any project. Browse the extensive library of ATS Technical Bulletins. Utilize the Pilkington Tools and Calculators to aid in every step of the design process. Let Pilkington’s Sun Management Calculator, Thermal Stress Calculator, Sun Angle Calculator and Wind Load Calculator assist in the specification process.

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Curtain Panel Glass Activ Self Cleaning Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Arctic Blue Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Eclipse Advantage Low E Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Energy Advantage Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass EverGreen High Performance Tint Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Gold Eclipse Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Mirropane Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Optifloat Blue Green Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Optifloat Bronze Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Optifloat Clear Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Optifloat Green Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Optifloat Grey Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Optiview Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass Optiwhite Pilkington
Curtain Panel Glass Solar E Clear Pilkington Curtain Panel Glass SuperGrey Pilkington
Glass Pane Activ Self Cleaning Pilkington Glass Pane Arctic Blue Pilkington
Glass Pane Eclipse Advantage Low E Pilkington Glass Pane Energy Advantage Pilkington
Glass Pane EverGreen High Performance Tint Pilkington Glass Pane Gold Eclipse Pilkington
Glass Pane Mirropane Pilkington Glass Pane Optifloat Blue Green Pilkington
Glass Pane Optifloat Bronze Pilkington Glass Pane Optifloat Clear Pilkington
Glass Pane Optifloat Green Pilkington Glass Pane Optifloat Grey Pilkington
Glass Pane Optiview Pilkington Glass Pane Optiwhite Pilkington
Glass Pane Solar E Clear Pilkington Glass Pane SuperGrey Pilkington


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