TruSlate Genuine Slate Roofing

Product Overview


Product Overview

GAF designs and manufactures the TruSlate™ roofing system, an innovative system that provides high quality slate roofing at an affordable cost.

Product Description, Applications

TruSlate™ is an affordable, high quality slate roofing system by GAF Materials Corporation. This patented system combines genuine hand-split slate and an innovative installation procedure to produce attractive and enduring slate roofing at a significant cost and weight savings.

With traditional slate roof installations, shingles overlap, leaving a significant portion of the slate covered and invisible. The TruSlate System eliminates overlapping, using a stainless steel hangar and batten system to lock slates into place and UnderBlock™ UV and Moisture Barrier to protect against moisture intrusion. This process not only reduces the number of shingles; it lowers material costs and removes excess weight from the roof. Removing the excess weight can reduce costs further by reducing the need for structural modification.

The TruSlate Roofing System has several components:

  • TruSlate Field Slate - 12" x 12" (305 x 305 mm) natural quarried roofing slate for the primary roof area
  • TruSlate Trim Slate - 16" x 7" (406 x 178 mm) natural quarried slate designed to protect the hip and ridge areas of TruSlate roofs
  • TruGrip™ Battens & Hangars - Patented stainless steel battens and hangars that safely lock each slate in place
  • UnderBlock™ UV & Moisture Barrier - An exceptionally tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) that acts as an interlayment between the slates, TruGrip Hangars and roof deck
  • TruSlate Ridge Vent - A premium quality ridge vent installed to improve attic ventilation
  • Deck Armor™ - A "breathable" roof deck protection that provides a strong layer of protection against wind-driven rain, yet allows moisture to escape from the attic
  • Weather Watch® & StormGuard® Leak Barriers - Leak barriers that provide added protection against leaks caused by roof settling and extreme weather.
  • Lay-Straight™ Alignment Tape - A guide designed to keep courses straight when installing TruGrip Battens
  • ShingleMatch™ - A premium quality paint designed to blend vents and other accessories

Features, Benefits

  • Uses genuine hand-split slate - not a synthetic imitation
  • Mined from quarries around the world for color and texture variety
  • More cost effective than traditional slate roofing
  • Permits rearrangement or replacement of slates
  • Secures slates with hangars that are not visible
  • Easy to install
  • Does not curl or warp
  • Includes maximum wind warranty to 130 mph
  • Weathers gracefully over time for added beauty
  • Five popular core colors complement a variety of color schemes
  • Colors can be combined with TruSlate Accent Colors for additional combinations

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Slate TruSlateSunset 100Sunset GAF Slate TruSlateOnyxBlack 80Onyx20Sunset GAF
Slate TruSlateOnyxBlack 80Onyx20SmokeGrey GAF Slate TruSlateOnyxBlack 80Onyx20RusticRed GAF
Slate TruSlateOnyxBlack 80Onyx20JadeGreen GAF Slate TruSlateOnyxBlack 100Onyx GAF
Slate TruSlateMysticGrey 80MysticGrey20VintagePlum GAF Slate TruSlateMysticGrey 80MysticGrey20Sunset GAF
Slate TruSlateMysticGrey 80MysticGrey20Onyx GAF Slate TruSlateMysticGrey 80MysticGrey20EcoGreen GAF
Slate TruSlateMysticGrey 100MysticGrey GAF Slate TruSlateGreystone 85Greystone15RusticRed GAF
Slate TruSlateGreystone 80GreyStone20VintagePlum GAF Slate TruSlateGreystone 80GreyStone20JadeGreen GAF
Slate TruSlateGreystone 100Greystone GAF Slate TruSlateEcoGreen 80GreyStone20OnyxBlack GAF
Slate TruSlateEcoGreen 80EcoGreen20JadeGreen GAF Slate TruSlateEcoGreen 60EcoGreen40JadeGreen GAF
Slate TruSlateEcoGreen 60EcoGreen20Greystone20VintagePlum GAF Slate TruSlateEcoGreen 100EcoGreen GAF
Slate TruSlateSunset 80Sunset20MysticGrey GAF

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