UPS Protection for Midsize & Large Data Centers

Product Overview


Product Overview

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the linchpin of the critical energy system, providing battery backup and power conditioning that increases availability and system peformance.

Product Description, Applications

Emerson Network Power and the Liebert brand have been leaders and innovators in designing and applying power protection systems since 1978. Our expertise in ensuring availability, flexibility and low cost of ownership means that Emerson products will provide maximum performance and effectiveness for any need in network or data centers.

LIEBERT NX™, 40 - 120kVA
The Liebert NX™ is an on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system designed to offer complete, centralized power protection for rapidly growing data centers. Its Softscale™ technology provides flexibility to increase UPS capacity byt 20 or 40 kVA without changing infrastructure. The Softscale model also allows paralleling of unlike capacities for capacity or redundancy. It is ideal for small -to-midsize data centers, server rooms, labs and testing, and telecommunications applications.

LIEBERT NXL™, 250-750 kVA
The Liebert NXL™ UPS is available in single module systems, with capacities of 250, 300, 400 and 750 kVA at 480V, 60 Hz. Multi-Module 750 kVA models are available in both 1+N (Distributed Static Switch) and N+1 (Centralized Static Switch) configurations. Add matching battery cabinets and a maintenance bypass cabinet for a complete power solution.

LIEBERT SERIES 610™, 100 - 1000 kVA
Ideal for large data centers, industrial process equipment, and laboratories, The Liebert Series 610™ is designed to protect large-scale application from the full range of power outages and abnormalities. Despite its power capabilities, the Liebert Series 610 has a relatively small footprint and is extremely energy efficient. The UPS is configured for single module and mulit-dodule systems, with single module capacities ranging from 100 kVA to 1000 kVA, at 480VAC, 208VAC and 600VAc, 60 Hz. Options are available for load bus synchronization, Liebert PowerTie™ dual bus system, maintenance bypass, power distribution, switchgear, batteries and communications.

LIEBERT FS™ Flywheel DC Energy Storage
The Liebert FS Flywheel DC Energy Storage System is a versatile and reliable alternative to standard battery backup systems.

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