ZIP-RIB® Standing Seam Metal Roofing


Product Overview

ZIP-RIB structural roofing offers the highest and longest performance of any standing seam metal roof system in the world.

Product Description, Applications
ZIP-RIB accommodates complex roof configurations and curved surfaces for use on open purlin, metal deck, wood substrate, and other applications. Machine sealed ribs strengthen the panel structure, providing an impenetrable weather barrier. Concealed clip attachments allow panel expansion and contraction while remaining resistive to wind uplift. Factory and onsite roll-forming is available.

ZIP-RIB canopy designs greatly reduce or eliminate the need for curved rafters and purlins in certain canopy applications. Free-Span canopies can be designed to spans of 16' (5 m) without intermediate purlins. ZIP-RIB can be used on open purlin designs to 10' (3 m), enabling wider canopies with reduced framing requirements.

Customform BD-1520 roofing systems accommodate both longitudinal and lateral curvature, including domes, hips and barrel vaults, as well as tapered and straight-run projects. The panel side joint features an internal gutter system that provides a sealant-free, weathertight barrier. The joint snaps together for easy installation without exposed fasteners. BD-1520 panels are available in a variety of dimensions for traditionally designed projects, retrofits and historic restorations.

Customform concealed-clip panels offer design flexibility for both new construction and retrofit applications. Snap-fit panels install easily, and a wide range of profiles is available to accommodate complex roof configurations, such as hips, soffits and gambrels. Customform roofing systems are available in 4 profiles. B1515R is suitable for straight runs, conical tapers and barrel vault applications; 114R is an economy integral batten and pan system; 305 is an integral batten and pan system with snap-fit side joint; and the 306 standing seam system is suitable for straight runs, conical tapers and barrel vault applications.

Construction, Materials, Finishes

  • Available in steel or aluminum, with smooth or embossed textures
  • Zinc, copper, lead coated copper, and stainless steel are available on a project basis
  • High-performance Kynar® 500 and Hylar®; 5000 fluorocarbon resin based coatings offered on all systems
  • Wide range of standard colors, custom colors and metallics available

Properties, Performance

  • Conforms to FM-4471 Class 1 Roof Assembly
  • UL 90 wind uplift rating in steel and aluminum
  • Passes ASTM E1592, ASTM E1680, ASTM E1646, AAMA 501-83

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadMANU-SPEC 3-Part Specifications

MerchEvans 07 61 13 Standing Seams Metal Roofing

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

MerchEvans 07 61 13 Standing Seam Meta lRoofing

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