Special Coatings Manufacturers

Below is a directory of special coatings manufacturers (MF 09 97 00) with links to get more information about each company. Special Coatings manufacturers with expanded listings and/or specifications available are listed first, with other Special Coatings manufacturers listed below that.

Special Coatings Manufacturers with Expanded Listings

VersaFlex Incorporated formulates, manufactures and supplies pure polyurea coatings, liners and joint sealants for a wide range of industrial, commercial and maintenance applications.
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Nawkaw Corporation

Other Manufacturers of Special Coatings

Abatron, Inc.AcryLabs
Acrymax Technologies Inc. Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc.
Akona LLCAmerican Building Restoration Products
American Concrete Coatings, Inc. American Formulating & Manufacturing
Andek Corp.Anvil Paints & Coatings, Inc.
Aquarius Coatings Inc.Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Inc.
Attala Lining Systems, Inc.BASF Building Systems
BASF Wall SystemsC-Cure Corp.
C.I.M. Inds., Inc.California Paints
CAPPAR Ltd.Chemprobe Coating Systems, L.P.
Cloverdale Paint IncCloverdale Paint Inc.
CMP Specialty Products Inc.Concrete Service Materials Co.
Conproco Corp.Conspec
Corrpro Companies, Inc.Cortec Corp.
Covalence AdhesivesCreteDefender, Inc.
Creto International, Inc.Crown Polymers, LLC
DeWitt Products Co.Diamond Vogel Paints, Inc.
Direct Colors, Inc.DLM Plastics Corp.
Dudick, Inc.Dunn-Edwards Corp.
Dura Coat Products, Inc.Duron, Inc.
E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Inc.Eco-House, Inc.
El Dorado Metals, Inc.Ellis Paint Company
Epro Waterproofing SystemsERSystems
Euclid Chemical Co.Excellent Coatings, Inc.
Fibre TechFlame Control Coatings, LLC
FM Stevenson Co.Fox Inds., Inc.
Garon Products, Inc.Gemite Products, Inc.
GigaCreteGould Enterprises, Inc.
Guardian Chemical Co.Harrison Paint Co., Inc.
HBI, Inc.Heartwood Corp.
Hillyard, Inc.Humane Manufacturing Co.
Increte Systems, Inc.Induron Coatings Inc.
Insul-X Products Corp.Insulating Coatings Corp.
International Coatings Inc.J.W. Peters, Inc.
KEIM Mineral Coatings of America, Inc.Kelly-Moore Paint Co., Inc.
King Packaged Materials Co.Koch-Glitsch, LP
Krylon Products GroupKwal-Howells Inc.
L & M Construction Chemicals, Inc.L. M. Scofield Company
La HabraMar-flex Waterproofing & Building Products
Marble Trend Ltd.Martin-Senour Paints
McCormick PaintsMcKinnon Materials, Inc.
Mer-Kote Products, Inc.Morin - A Kingspan Group Company
Neogard Corp.Okon, Inc.
Panelex Industries Inc.Parex USA, Inc.
PermaCretePlexipave Sport Surfacing
Polymerica, Inc.PPG Architectural Finishes
PPG IdeaScapesPremix-Marbletite Manufacturing Co.
ProSpecProtective Coatings Technology, Inc.
ProTek-USA, LLCQuestMark Flooring
Raven Lining SystemsRE-Systems Group
Rock-TredRodda Paint Co.
RPC, Inc.Rust-Oleum Concrete Protection Systems
Rust-Oleum Corp.Sakrete
Sandstrom Products Co.Select Products Co.
Sherwin-Williams Co.Shoreline Stone Manufacturing, Inc.
Sico Inc.Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.
Specialty Coatings, Inc.Stonhard, Inc.
Super-Krete International, Inc.SureCrete Design Products
Surewall, Inc.Synthetic Surfaces Inc.
Teifs Wall SystemsTennant Co.
The Brewer Co.The QUIKRETE Companies
The Thompson's Co.Tnemec Co., Inc.
Toledo Floor Resurfacing, Inc.Transpo Industries, Inc.
TruCrete Surfacing Systems, Inc.UltraKote Products, Inc.
United ProductsUrethane Products Corp.
VersaFlex IncorporatedVexcon Chemicals, Inc.
VitriconW. R. MEADOWS, Inc.
Watson Bowman Acme Corp.Weather-Bos Intl.
Westcoat Specialty Coating SystemsXylexin
Xypex Chemical Corp.ZRC Worldwide
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