Tile Carpeting Information

Also known as modular carpet, tile carpeting is as it sounds - carpeting material that is produced in individual tiles rather than in large rolls. Usually sized 24 inches x 24 inches, the tile itself is constructed like a sandwich, with the backing on the bottom, the carpet fiber material on the top and the padding sandwiched between the top and bottom layers. The fiber is usually made of nylon, but polypropylene and wool are also available. Tile backing can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, urethane, recycled vinyl, vinyl with fiberglass or woven polypropylene, and is either self-sticking or dry-backed to accept adhesive.

Carpet tile offers a number of advantages over standard broadloom carpet that make it well suited for both residential and commercial applications. Available in every imaginable color, texture and pattern, tile is inherently flexible - multiple patterns, colors and grades can to be used in a single area, enabling an infinite number of design possibilities. Carpet tile can also be integrated with hard surface flooring to create uniquely beautiful spaces that maximize functionality.

Carpet tile is durable, has high water resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. If a tile becomes irreparably worn, stained or damaged, it can simply be removed and replaced. It is easily cut to fit and does not need stretching or professional fitting, which makes it ideal for do-it-yourself installations. In addition, tiles can be laid in stages, allowing furnishings to be rearranged rather than completely removed beforehand.

As with any material, cost varies considerably depending on carpet type, construction, density and an assortment of other factors. Generally, quality carpet tiles are comparable in price to broadloom carpets. However, there is very little waste when installing modular carpet and installation is much faster, both of which contribute substantially to cost savings.

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